Friday, September 11, 2009


Lady Gaga liked to snort coke and listen to Never Enough.
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

"Just Like Heaven was in this week's episode of Warehouse 13. Very clear and about half the song." (Thanks thistle)

"I have just watched the 10th episode, season 5, of the tv show L-Word, called Lifecycle. During a scene of love between two women, they play Just Like Heaven entirely. This makes two things rare on tv! First, a song being played from beginning to end in a TV show, second, a man singing voice on L-Word." (Thanks Claudio)

A list of songs about books includes Killing An Arab. (Thanks Kate)

Is Robert Pattinson the new Robert Smith? Um, fuck no! Robert doesn't sparkle! : P (Thanks Kate)

"on gottv (austrian -european music channel) is a programm called "hosted by" where bands can choose their favorite videos. this week kele from bloc party is a guest. he is wearing a "the cure -boys don´t cry" t shirt. and here's his playlist."
(Thanks Jörg)

Diciembre Girls compared to The Cure. (Thanks Heron)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reminder: Cure on Carson Daly repeat

Last Call with Carson Daly will be repeating their June 4th episode, which featured The Cure performing Boys Don't Cry, on Sept. 8th.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollywood Bowl repeat on Sirius XM

1st Wave on Sirius XM will be repeating their broadcast of The Cure live at the Hollywood Bowl (5-31-08) tonight at 9pm eastern. You can listen online with a free trial subscription, or just download it here, along with all of the other Sirius Cure specials from last Memorial Day, thanks to Pussycat and AndytheCurefan. (Thanks Heron)