Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollywood Bowl repeat on Sirius XM

1st Wave on Sirius XM will be repeating their broadcast of The Cure live at the Hollywood Bowl (5-31-08) tonight at 9pm eastern. You can listen online with a free trial subscription, or just download it here, along with all of the other Sirius Cure specials from last Memorial Day, thanks to Pussycat and AndytheCurefan. (Thanks Heron)


  1. cure spotting:

    lady gaga used cocaine and listened to the cure.

  2. LOL - Antti - I just logged in to post this too

    She can't even get the song lyrics right...

  3. Ewwww.... The Cure and "Lady" gaga should never ever be in the same article. Her name is spot on though, she makes me gag!

  4. Agreed. I think of her as 'Lady Gagme'... (and I use the term 'lady' quite loosely)... ;-)