Saturday, April 21, 2012

Entreat Plus US vinyl list

Update (04/28/12): Schuler Books & Music in Okemos, MI has The Cure Entreat Plus vinyl on sale for $19.99 ($18.74 online). (Thanks Halo Eighteen)

In hopes of helping other fans find it, if you see the US Entreat Plus vinyl today, please let me know the store, city, state, etc. Thanks!

- Waterloo Records in Austin, TX - Photo (Thanks @ryaann)
- Cactus in Houston, TX (Thanks @nyx_awakened)
- Amoeba Music in Berkeley, CA - 4 in stock. (Thanks @SameDeepH2OasU)
- Newbury Comics stores in the New England area. Framingham, MA - 4 in stock. (Thanks Justin)
- Electric Fetus in Minneapolis - 18 in stock but 2hr wait, Cheapo in uptown - 4 in stock no wait.  (Thanks Joqua)
- Gray Whale in Salt Lake City - Had quite a few, all gone now - Photo (Thanks @HaloCure13)
- Twist & Shout in Denver - 10+ in stock (Thanks @Slicingeyeballs)
- Rockin' Rudy's in Missoula. "Ear Candy also had at least 4 but were sold out when I showed up." (Thanks @moodrider)
- Randy's Records in Salt Lake City - 6 in stock. (Thanks versionke)
- Arkansas Record & CD Exchange in North Little Rock, AR. (Thanks Unknown)
- Exclusive Company in Madison, WI had 1 left. (Thanks Numb)
- The Loop Reckless in Chicago had it. (Thanks @shalloboi)
- Park Ave CDs in Orlando, FL - 6 in stock on Sunday afternoon. (Thanks Tom)
- Princeton Record Exchange in New Jersey - had 20+ copies in stock. (Thanks Frank)

Happy Birthday, Robert!

A very Happy Birthday, Best Wishes, and an enormous & heartfelt Thank You Once Again for the Reflections shows, to Robert! Hope you have a wonderful day & night! Cheers!

And thanks to Vladislav for sending this in -"Happy Birthday, Mr. Robert Smith (vinyl only mixtape)"

From @RollingStone - "Happy birthday, Robert Smith! Here's a look back at the Cure frontman's career through the years"

From @LOQUILLOPANAMA- "several BRAZILIAN bloggers unite to make a happy birthday tribute to ROBERT SMITH"

Cure Record Store Day 2012 releases

Exclusive product for UK Record Store Day (April 21st, 2012):
Friday I'm In Love (Secret 7" single Qty: 100)
Three Imaginary Boys (Numbered coloured vinyl LP 180g)
Seventeen Seconds (Numbered coloured vinyl LP 180g)
Faith (Numbered coloured vinyl LP 180g)
Pornography (Numbered coloured vinyl LP 180g)
The Top (Numbered coloured vinyl LP 180g)
(Thanks @guillaumegrivaz)

Update: The US list is out, and no surprise, we aren't getting any of these new releases. At least not as RSD exclusives. But we are still expecting the non-exclusive Entreat Plus 180g 2LP to be released that day, though there's still no word from the official site about this.

Update (03/30/12): Hot Stuff in Sweden has all 5 up for pre-ordering. (Thanks Stefan)

Update (04/12/12): Oh, look at what's arrived at ...some of the new vinyl!
(Thanks )

'Entreat Plus' US vinyl release on April 21st

Music Direct, Vintage Vinyl, and Elusive Disc have a new US listing for a 180g 2LP release of 'Entreat Plus' on April 21st, 2012. Also, @recordstoreday confirms the release date but says it's "not a Record Store Day piece". Still nothing on the official site. (Thanks and jimhb)

Update (3-9-12): "Just wanted to let you know that WEA has included the US Entreat 2LP in their Record Store Day 2012 one sheet book pdf. They are taking orders from retail stores now. I attached those two pages from the full pdf book here.

It's listed under "RSD ALL RETAIL RELEASES", as opposed to "RSD EXCLUSIVE RELEASES" or "WEA RSD RELATED VINYL CATALOG". I guess that just means, as you said in your post, that it's not technically a RSD release, but just released at that time?

I think it's funny that they include criticism of the remix in the actual one sheet. ("a sonic makeover that some fans have complained dampens Boris Williams' drumming.")

Also noteworthy to me was the part (on page 2) about a 9-track sampler being available. I'd definitely like to get my hands on one of those!" (Thanks Zack)

Update (3-27-12): Our old friends at Ideal Copy are taking pre-orders, and F.A.B. Distribution has it listed for Canadian retail orders.

Secret 7" launch party

"Just got back from the Secret 7" launch preview, some nice sleeves in there (amongst some less nice, but isn't art be debated...)
Anyway i got there at 6.30 pm and stayed for 45 minutes........... it got crowded very's some shots, sorry about the quality, they were taken on my Iphone....
Nice to see all the names of the people who submitted artworks mentioned (Robert Smith, Andy Vella, .......and Bunny Lake amongst others)..." (Thanks Perfect.Murder).

Update: Added 3 more photos from Perfect.Murder, and Secret 7" have posted photos to their Facebook.

Update 2: And some more from Perfect.Murder - The Many Faces of Secret 7" Robert Smith. : ) And a video posted by Secret 7".

Update 3 (04/21/12):  "Just got back from Secret 7"....I was first in line this morning with my friend Darren..Managed to buy a few of the ones i had an eye on...and it's all made it worthwhile getting there at 5.40 am!!!As i was paying, a guy next to me was lucky to buy Robert's design(unbeknown to him until he paid of course).....Robert's sleeve's number?? Easy as as Jackson 5 song starting with ABC :)" (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Remembering Reflections London

From @RoyalAlbertHall: "Our feature on The Cure's 'Reflections' concert from November '11, featuring the (long) setlist & pictures, is now up."

Robert on The Weedy Burton

From a BBC article on the death of guitarist Bert Weedon:
"The Cure, meanwhile, wrote a short instrumental called The Weedy Burtons, which featured as a hidden track on their debut album Three Imaginary Boys in 1979.
"I'd taught myself to play a bit by reading Bert Weedon's Play In A Day books using my older brother's guitar," said Robert Smith. "It's a sort of tongue in cheek tribute to Bert."
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Sirius XM celebrates Robert's birthday

"XM radio's 1st Wave station will dedicate Friday and all of next week to Robert for his birthday!!" (Thanks @413bloodflowers)

KEXP celebrates Robert's birthday & Earth Day

The excellent Seattle radio station KEXP will be celebrating Earth Day & Robert's birthday on Friday, by getting in on the Goths Up Trees phenomenon. If you participate, please let me know and I'll post a link to your photo. Though I suggest we do Goths Up Trees with RS birthday cupcakes. Jo, can you bake us up another batch? : ) (Thanks @Wellsee)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roger at Analogue to Digital Music Festival

Roger will be at the Analogue to Digital Music Festival in Exeter, Devon on April 21st. He'll be on the industry panel, and will be demonstrating, and performing with, his Moog setup.

Cure Parties in Mexico City on 4/20 & 4/21

"Just letting you know that our fan club mexiCure is throwing a party in Mexico City the next Friday 20th so we can sing happy birthday to Robert wherever he is at midnight ;)
Is a party for fans by fans. 100% cure all night long! No cover. Every cure fan in the world is invited!" (Thanks Miss Matrix)

Update: From @Jogelu - "Another Cure Party in Mexico City. 21th April on the Real Under.2nd Floor.8:00 pm."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cure party in Moscow on 4/21

"Dear Cure-friends, CloseToCure Fan Club is very glad to invite you to Curemania Vol. VIII! It's a good opportunity to celebrate Robert's birthday! The party will take place on 21st of April (19:00 - 23:00) in China Town Cafe, Moscow, Russia. Purple Fog Side and Middle Storm will play Cure-covers and their own songs. More information here and here." (Thanks Olga/b-flower)

Under The Covers - The Cure

"Strangeways continues it’s Under The Covers series with a look a cover versions of classic Cure songs. Our recent New Order and Depeche Mode episodes of Under The Covers have been very well received. But we did get some feedback that the covers were too slow or two different from the original. And to that we respond with…Thank You. The Strangeways DJ’s have a shared opinion that a cover song should take the original in a different direction. No one is interested in an artist trying to copy The Cure. They would just fail as The Cure has one of the most unique sounds of our generation. So with all of that said, we present to you a 45 minute mix featuring very different takes on some of your favorite Cure songs. These covers range from very downtempo, to acoustic, to dance music, to dark wave. We hope you enjoy the variety that we present to you and share our appreciation of other artists tributes to….The Cure" (Thanks @Slicingeyeballs)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Curse plays New Wave Bar 4/21

From The Curse on Twitter: "Just added: On April 21st We'll be celebrating Robert Smith's b-day @ New Wave Bar. FREE BEFORE 9pm, only $5 after! "

The Cured play school benefit in Denver

From Totally Tennyson: "Totally Tennyson will be rocking the Tennyson Street Merchant Corridor between W. 38th Avenue and W. 46th Avenue on Saturday, April 28, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. It is a 21-and-over event. There will be hubs of activity all along the street where Crocket and Tubbs can enjoy food, drink, and music supplied by the generous Tennyson Street businesses while rubbing elbows with Richard Simmons and Madonna. The event will end up at the Oriental Theater with a free concert put on by a nationally touring Cure cover band called The Cured. The band performs a true-to-era 1989 Cure concert, complete with costumes, lights, effects, and of course, the songs. Tickets are $25 in advance ($30 on April 28) and may be purchased online." (Thanks Ben)