Friday, October 31, 2008

Why 4:13 isn't a double album

The Guardian has an article about the state of the double album these days, and has this very interesting bit about 4:13 Dream:

"I mean, you'd expect the Cure - a band with past double opus form, thanks to 1987's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me - to be able to release a double album, right? Er, sadly not. Their new album 4:13 Dream is the "light" first half of a double collection, with the second "dark" half to be released separately in 2009.

Robert Smith recently told me the rather shocking factors behind the release strategy. Basically, Geffen were only prepared to pay them royalties equivalent to a single album, even if the album was priced as a double. In effect the label were penalising the band for wanting to give their fans more music for less. Smith insisted he didn't care about making any more money but the principle was paramount; he was furious at the idea of a major label conning him out of making the record he wanted. So he held back the second half of the album for six months and one day later, the earliest moment that his contract permitted. The concept would be intact, it would just be up to the fan to Sellotape the two "episodes" together."

And Idolator has an article reacting to the Guardian article.

(Thanks Fabrice and Kate)

Jigsaw has Robert and Porl!

That evil Jigsaw has put Robert and Porl into his evil traps! (Thanks vjesci)

More 4:13 reviews

UK - Indie London (4/5).
US - Boston Herald (B), Penn State Collegian (C), Pitchfork (6.7/10), Time Out NY (3/6), URB (4/5), Pop Matters (4/10).
Italy - Horror Magazine (3/5).
And check out Metacritic for an average of all scores.
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EMA Cure nomination video

MTV has put together a video package for each of the nominees for the Headliner award. Here's the video for The Cure.
(Thanks Aaron)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Official site update

Geffen has updated the official site with the story about the Godlike Genius award and the NME cover. (Thanks V)

Italian radio specials

"We are the editorial staff of We want to inform that, on the occasion of the publication of "4:13 Dream", our webzine will dedicate to The Cure a double radio date in collaboration with Radio Zammù (Catania University's radio, Sicilia). Two transmissions: the first one on the air Friday 31st October (from Three Imaginary Boys to Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me). The second one: Friday 7th November (from Disintegration to today). So we invite you and all the users of Chain of Flowers to click on (6:00 pm, Italian time) and listen to us." (Thanks Riccardo)

More 4:13 reviews

UK - Music Week (positive), Nouse (negative).
US - URB (4/5), Pop Matters (4/10), Blender (4/5), Spin (3/5), AVClub (8/10), Duke Chronicle (negative), Badger Herald (negative).
France - Nouvel Obs (positive).
Spain - Muzikalia (negative).
(Thanks Steven, Kate, V, T2, Alfonso)

Cure party in San Francisco

"Tonight (Oct. 30th) is a Halloween/4:13 Dream/Cure tribute record (perfect as cats) release party at Popscene in San Francisco. costume party to boot.

Doors open at 9:30 PM. Early arrivers get a free drink(s?)

The first 200 people to enter the club have a chance to win a Gibson guitar signed by all the members of The Cure. Perfect as Cats, 4:13 Dream, and other Curey and noncurey stuff being given away. I don't know why they have a pic of the Schecter, its a Gibson that's being given away or so they say. Its probably whats in the pic though.

DJ Aaron and DJ Nako will be spinning along with local acts - Veil Veil Vanish and Murder of Lilies.

330 Ritch street (off Townsend b/w 3rd and 4th)
San Francsico 94107
18+ with valid id

(Thanks dj scribbles)

First week sales projected to be weak

Hits Daily Double has posted their first week US sales projections for 4:13 Dream, and it isn't good. They project that the album will only sell 20-25,000 copies. (Thanks Peter)

HDNet Charlotte show on Youtube

The Charlotte show clips are going up on Youtube.
(Thanks Aaron)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NME Archive Cure special

"Noticed that NME Archive (Sky Satellite Channel 382 in UK and Ireland) are showing an hour of Cure videos on Saturday 1st/Nov at 21.00pm." (Thanks Niall)

NME interview - part 2

NME have posted more of their exclusive interview with Robert. (Thanks JC)

HDNet Charlotte update

The HDNet Charlotte show is on Dime and Megaupload.
(Thanks Echobunny, Steve, and B.)

More 4:13 reviews

Canada - Eye Weekly (3/5), Montreal Gazette (4/5).
France - France-Info (audio), Direct Soir (positive), Metro (3/5).
US - Student Life (positive), Collegiate Times (positive), Sonoma State Star (mixed), AP (positive).
Sweden - DN (3/6), SvD (3/6).
(Thanks Carl, Rob S, Linnea, Kate, Carole and T2)

4:13 Dream vinyl etchings

Etched onto the vinyl of 4:13 Dream:
Side A - One Crowded Hour / Side B - Of Glorious Life
Side C - Is Worth An Age / Side D - Without a Name
The full verse is:
Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife! To all the sensual world proclaim, One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name. - Sir Walter Scott
(Thanks Chris)

Update on The Cure: VH1 Midnight Live

"Just watched the midnight show that was on VH1 in the UK. It was indeed the Valencia show but with a slightly different setlist.

The Setlist was: From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Only One, Push (Previously unseen: Very Happy Robert), Inbetween Days (I think this was a slightly different version than the others we have seen, new camera angles maybe) and Boys Don't Cry (Previously Unseen: Great Crowd)". (Thanks Beau)

Win the Dream on 105.1

"105.1 The River, a station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is giving away copies of 4:13 Dream all this week through Friday as a prize for winning the "'80s Fast Track" contest, which they do during their "80 Minute '80s Lunch" show, which goes from 11:50am to 1:10pm.
For those who aren't familiar with the contest, the DJ plays a short clip of an '80s song in fast forward, and the object is to guess the band and the song. The first person to call in with the correct answer wins, and if you want to hear yourself winning, they play your conversation with the DJ over the air after the next song. :) The contest is usually done between 12:35 - 12:45.
If you plan on trying to win, the toll-free number for the station is 1-800-628-5488. Good luck! (Thanks Shawn)

"I want my MTV..."

MTV has launched (sort of) a new website that is dedicated to music videos. Shocking! Anyway, they have a nice collection of Cure clips up, so you might want to give it a look.
(Thanks Charlie and Jason)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buy from an Indie, get a 4:13 Litho

If you buy 4:13 Dream from select independent music stores, you'll get a free 11" x 11" lithograph of the album cover.

Update: "The store rolled it, so I had to make creative use of the album and singles to hold it flat for the photo. And the reported "11 x 11" is actually more like 18" x 18"."
(Thanks Josh)

NME cover and interview

Read the NME interview at FemaleFirst. (Thanks Tobber and Kate)
And read Part 2 at NME. (Thanks JC)

(Thanks Andrew)

"Godlike Geniuses" articles

Sopitas, Absolute Radio, MSN, Celebrity Wonder, DigitalSpy, and Adnmundo have picked up the NME Godlike Geniuses story. (Thanks Mad Bob, Beau and Deadboycraved)

Hispacure contest

"HispaCure is celebrating that 4:13 Dream will be out this week with a new contest offering some very exclusive items. The only requirement to participate in the contest is being a registered member of the hispaCure forum (registration is totally free)." (Thanks B and Ivan)

Check the comments section for more details.

4:13 Dream release parties in Spain

Check out the poster for dates and venues. (Thanks B and Ivan)

Danish Cure article

There a Cure article in Berlingske. (Thanks Farbruun)

4:13 is Album of the Week in Mexico

"Mexico City radiostation Ibero 90.9 FM set 4:13 Dream as the album of the week. All day long, they played songs from the album, about one per hour and at 9.00 am and 3.00 pm they played a short spoken review and followed by that, an album's song is aired and the most of the time, the current live announcer did a comment about the song, the album and the band. They called the section for reviewing an album per week, "Extracto". Here´s the link for 4:13 Dream "Extracto". And here you can see the playlist of the radio station and look for The CURE songs played in the day. If you want to listen the Ibero 90.9 live broadcast." (Thanks Mad Bob)

More 4:13 reviews

US - Daily Orange (negative), Hartford Courant (positive)
Canada - Toronto Globe & Mail, Canadian Press (positive)
New Zealand - Groove Guide (positive)
Croatia - Jutarnji (3/5)
Norway - Dagsavisen, VG Nett, Ostlendingen, TV2, NRK, NRK (4/6), F-B.
Mexico - Ibero 90.9.
Denmark - JP (4/6), Gaffa (4/6 - pleasant "re-listen" with the fathers of goth rock), MetroExpress (4/6 - Pleasant dreamscape), Berlingske (4/6 - Classic Cure), Urban (Mainly positive - Bubbles & Sediment: The Cure makes its old bloodred brew taste both refreshing and disturbing), Ekstrabladet (2/6 - Pathetic junk by The Cure), Politiken (2/6)
Portugal - Dario Digital (negative)

(Thanks Rob, Sandro, Alastair, Kate, Sanjin, Lars, Christian, Farbruun)

4:13 ringback tones

"I just noticed that the entire 4:13 Dream album is available at Verizon wireless as ringback tones if anyone is interested!"(Thanks Rj)

Update: Check the comments section for the codes.

Buy 4:13 Dream

iTunes (US) - $9.99
Amazon - $8.99
7Digital - EUR 9.79

Deep Discount - $10.98
CD Universe - $11.19
Amazon (US) - $11.49
Target - $11.49
Circuit City - $12.99
Wal-mart - $13.88
BangCD - $13.90
Best Buy - $13.99
Ideal Copy - $13.99
Play - £9.99
Amazon (UK) - £8.98
HMV - £8.99
Amazon (Canada) - $12.99
CDWow - Eur 12.99
Amazon (France) - EUR 15.95
FNAC - EUR 16.99
Amazon (Germany) - EUR 16.99
Amazon (Japan) - 1470 yen
CDJapan - 2381 yen
JB HiFi - AUD 19.99
Sanity - AUD 29.99
Phantom - 44.90

CD Universe - $12.69
Circuit City - $12.99
Best Buy - $15.98
Ideal Copy - $15.99
Amazon (US) - $17.08
Amazon (France) - ?
FNAC - Eur 15.24
Amazon (Germany) - EUR 19.99
Indietective - EUR 24.99
Amazon (Japan) - 1614 yen

Monday, October 27, 2008

4:13 on iTunes US and Amazon

iTunes US has 4:13 Dream up for $9.99.
Now available at Amazon, too, for $8.99.

Cure are officially "Godlike Geniuses"

NME says so. : ) And they will play at the awards show at London's Brixton Academy on Feb. 25th

Rumor: And maybe O2 Arena as well?
"I have heard on expert authority that The Cure will be playing the 02 Arena in London to support the award - with approx 3 or 4 other major names to support this award! It will be a fantastic gig. This is an annual event, Manics headlined last year."
(Thanks Paul)

Update: Robert has posted the NME news at the official site, and leaves us hanging with this - "And the following night... ". Hmm...


The new website is finally here!

4:13 on Rhapsody

4:13 Dream is up on Rhapsody. (Thanks Neil)

4:13 reviews from France

Ouest France (Very positive)
Concert and co (Very positive)
NRJ (Very positive)
Telerama ("known in France to make probably the most virulent critics against artists: 4 out of 4")
(Thanks T2)

Charts update

Hypnagogic States
France Top 100 - up to @56 from #57 (6th week)
Europe Top 100 - up to #96 from #99 (5th week)
Spain Top 20 - down to @3 from #2 (5th week)
(Thanks Pietro)

4:13 UK radio ad

Here's a radio ad for 4:13 Dream that's airing in the UK.
(Thanks Darren)

Vinyl delay in UK?

"Just went to HMV Oxford street and the album is not out on vinyl in the UK until November 10th" (Thanks JC)

"No, its out. i have it. ordered from what records on ebay. it arrived this morning." (Thanks Grimgram)

4:13 out in Portugal

"The Dream is now available in Portugal at FNAC Stores selling at 16,95 €." (Thanks The Moon & Jupitermain)

4:13 at midnight in Utah

"The Graywhale stores will have them available at midnight tonight as well! Check for your local store at to support independent record stores and The Cure too!"
(Thanks Rev. Heron)

More 4:13 reviews

US - Allmusic (2/5), The Quietus (negative), Washington Post Express (positive)
UK - News of the World (4), London Lite (3/5), London Paper (4/5)
Fans - Maverick DJ (positive)
(Thanks JC, Scott, Hobbes, Kate, Andrew, Ed)

4:13 delay in Brazil/Argentina?

"After looking for the CD in a number of stores here in Rio de Janeiro, I called Universal Brazil, and they told me the album will be released "in the beginning of November". Perhaps the same release date of Japan (Nov. 5), after all?" (Thanks Marcos)

"the same they said, here in Argentina." (Thanks Rodrigo)

Win Robert's guitar

Win Robert's guitar on the Universal France website. (Thanks Bill)

More 4:13 reviews

UK - London Metro (4/5), Daily Telegraph (positive?), Daily Express (3/5)
Italy - Ondarock (6/10)
US - Billboard (positive), Detroit Free Press (2/4)
You can see all of the reviews so far, right here.
(Thanks Anthony, boc, Andy, fmjews, Kate)

4:13 on iTunes UK

4:13 Dream is available on iTunes UK. (Thanks D)

4:13 at midnight in Phoenix

ZIA Records in Phoenix, Az. will be selling 4:13 Dream at midnight tonight/Tuesday morning. (Thanks KelBel)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can you Beat The Intro?

"Robert Smith and his merry men are back with a new album, '4:13 Dream'. But how much do you know about The Cure's music? Play our Beat The Intro game and find out!" (Thanks Kate)

HDNet Charlotte setlist

Underneath The Stars, Prayers For Rain, Want, Pictures Of You, The Only One, Wrong Number, The Walk, Sleep When Im Dead, Just Like Heaven, Primary, It's Over. (Thank Darrell and Mike)