Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lovecats cover on X-Factor

"Tonight in Danish television I saw a program called X Factor. This young boy only 15 sang Lovecats. To play this song he got "Danmarks Radios Bigband" which is the best big band in Denmark and maybe one of the best in Europe to play along." (Thanks Rasmus)

The Curse plays out in March / The Curse on MySpace
(Thanks Brian)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another trip down Cure memory lane

Howard Thompson, former vice-president of Elektra's A&R department, has posted two Cure stories from 1985 & 1989, along with some photos. (Thanks DJ Scribbles)

Big Gig is up on Dime

Get it on Dime. Thanks to PontiacB for uploading it. (Thanks Rob)

Depeche Mode - Come Back

Just in case any of my fellow DM fans missed it. : ) And don't forget that the general on-sales start today-Sunday for many US cities, and pre-sales for Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas and Salt Lake City start on Monday. Check for more info.

Behind the scenes at the NME awards

Derek Frey was at The Cure's table for the NME awards, and has posted some photos from the event. He also has some from the Big Gig. (Thanks Heron)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robert interview at The Big Gig

An interview with Robert at The Big Gig - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3. (Thanks Debi)

What The Cure Taught Me About Courage

Very nice article about going to see The Cure in 87. (Thanks Kate)

Celebrating Robert's 50th birthday

"Just wanted to let you know Sirius station 1st Wave will be honoring Robert's birthday the first week in April by playing songs every hour with special cuts and interviews! More info to come." (Thanks Jen)

"A chap I bumped into in a record shop in London suggested I tell you about One Hundred Years, a night dedicated to The Cure which I'm putting on to celebrate Robert's 50th birthday, 30 years since 3IB and 20 since Disintegration.
I haven't yet advertised it beyond the bounds of Facebook, but if you're that way inclined you can find out all about it here.
This is a simple labour of love on my part, The Cure being without a doubt the most important band of my life. We're looking forward to playing our favourite band's songs all night!"
(Thanks Charlie)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"It's Over" at the Big Gig

NME has posted a video of The Cure doing "It's Over" at the Big Gig. (Thanks Ollie)

The Capture plays Dallas this weekend

The Capture (Cure tribute band) plays Dallas on March 14th & 15th. Check out their website for the details. (Thanks Sara)

All Kinds of Stuff

4:13 Dream reviews from the Northwest Missourian and The Star in Malaysia. (Thanks Kate)

Cure place 2 songs on NME's 20 Greatest Goth Tracks. (Thanks JC)

Cure mention by pianist Christopher O' Reilly. (Thanks Kate)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CoF meetup for Vegas

"Since it's getting closer to the day, I think we should try to do a CoF meetup before the Pearl show. Since the casino won't allow line-ups before 6:30, I think that the CoF meet should be in the Buffet Bistro at the Palms, which is VERY conveniently close (as in, next to the box office close) of the Pearl. You can check it out on the casino map here. What do you all think about gathering to do a vegas-style CoF gathering, starting at say, 1 pm?

This way, we can loiter with a purpose, without "officially" lining up, and yet still keep an eye on the theater entrance etc. in case what happened at the Troubadour repeats itself." (Thanks Heron)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Depeche Mode pre-sales

Just a heads-up to all DM fans. In case you haven't heard, the tour pre-sales start tomorrow for certain cities. Check the DM website, follow the links, and use (password deleted) as your password. Good luck!

Update: DM, or at least BRAT, doesn't want the password posted. Sorry. Be sure to sign up with the DM announcement list, if you want pre-sale passwords.