Friday, October 29, 2010

Crystal Castles interview

"Hi, just to let you know that Zane Lowe played Not in Love and interviewed Crystal Castles about it on his BBC Radio 1 show last tuesday. He describes it as 'amazing' and 'one of the most brilliant tunes of the year'. It's an interview with CC rather than RS but it does explain how they came together, and they do talk about RS a lot! You can listen here - it's 29 minutes in. Availible worldwide I think but only until Tuesday." (Thanks Danny)

Update: Download the segment here. "It now includes both Zane Lowe segments and a Fearne Cotton Radio 1 part where she speaks of the song." (Thanks Aaron)

And if you don't have the track yet, you can get it at Slicing Up Eyeballs and Stereogum. I love to see all of the praise it's getting. (Thanks SUE and Lars)

Roger's new album

- "So my album (Piano Formations) pre sale link is up on my website and I am posting a video a day for the next 8 on my Youtube channel

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robert on new Crystal Castles single

Update 2: Just brought to my attention that this is a cover of an old Platinum Blonde song from 1983. (Thanks Greg)

Update: It's up on Youtube! Loving it so far. (Thanks Aaron)

From NME: "The Cure's Robert Smith has lent his vocals to the new single by Crystal Castles. The Toronto digi-dance duo are releasing a new version of 'Not In Love' on December 6, with Smith on singing duties. The original version of the song features on the band's self-titled second album, released in May."
(Thanks Aaron)

Prefix and Gigwise also have articles about this. (Thanks Kate)

Update: You can read the lyrics to the song here and watch a video for the original version here.

Wembley Prayer Tour article

"I've written a piece on the Cure's third night at Wembley on the Disintegration tour for a new UK magazine, Vive le Rock, which launched last week and is available in newsagents in the UK." (Thanks Andy)

Update: Andy has sent me the pdf of his article, but please support the magazine and buy a copy.

Spiderhole showing in London

"A horror film called 'Spiderhole' that Jason Cooper did the music for, will be showing from friday 29th october at the Empire Leicester Square in London." (Thanks Toberr)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Robert on NME Cool List 2010

Should Robert be on NME's Cool List 2010? Vote here. (Thanks Aaron)