Thursday, December 15, 2011

New version of Friday for Secret 7"?

"Larry The Duck (DJ on Sirius/XM) just reported that as part of the Wish re-issue, Friday I'm in Love is being re-recorded for a 7" release for Record Store Day next April." (Thanks Brian)

Goes without saying that this is in no way official or confirmed until it's on the official site, and could be a misunderstanding on Larry's part. We do know that Friday will be getting released as part of the Secret 7" Record Store Day 2012 event, and that 'Wish' Deluxe is scheduled for release in 2012, but there has been no official word on a re-recording of Friday.

'Wish' Deluxe CD in 2012 & new album?

Along with the news of the Secret 7" art competition, there was this included in the bio at the Talenthouse website:
"The Cure have been re-issuing re-mastered versions of their early albums since 2003, with 1992's 'Wish' (the album that carries the single 'Friday I'm In Love') scheduled for the 'deluxe re-release' treatment in 2012....The band are currently working on a new studio album"

Hope this is accurate, and part of what Robert was alluding to as "STUFF BUBBLING AWAY IN THE BASEMENT".

Update (12-15): Have been told that this news was provided to Talenthouse by an official band source. (Thanks Joerg)

Rumor: Cure at Rockwave Festival 2012

In no way confirmed or official, just an interesting rumor - Greek music site Postwave (rough English translation) is reporting that The Cure are all but confirmed (key part there) to play the Rockwave Festival in Greece on June 30th, 2012.
We can probably expect a flood of these sorts of rumors over the next few months, most of which will be turn out to be false. (Thanks Spyros)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cure Reflections London: Photo Documentary

"I am a French free-lance graphic designer & photographer, huge fan (do i need to say ?) of the Cure since 25 years, i think you might be interested by this: I just finished a kind of "PHOTO DOCUMENTARY" about the Royal Albert Hall 2011 Concert for my "souvenirs"...everything is explained on this page, if you want to have a look." (Thanks Michael)