Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cure Reflections London: Photo Documentary

"I am a French free-lance graphic designer & photographer, huge fan (do i need to say ?) of the Cure since 25 years, i think you might be interested by this: I just finished a kind of "PHOTO DOCUMENTARY" about the Royal Albert Hall 2011 Concert for my "souvenirs"...everything is explained on this page, if you want to have a look." (Thanks Michael)


  1. i thought that i could find myself in one of them but i was sitting on the same side. great pictures anyway!

  2. amazing pics indeed! i'm currently working on the multi-cam dvd from london's gig. more than half is done now. will definitely post it here as soon as it's ready.

  3. Those pictures are absolutely stunning! And I'd never actually seen the intereior of the RAH; it's beautiful! My eyes always go to Simon though :D

  4. computer wallpaper for the next decade. rockin!

  5. Feels like i'm still there when I look at these pics... Maybe because I was sitting two seats on your left ;) You made a very good job and, like rta said, my computer wallpaper for at least the next decade.
    I reckon you might have some videos hidden somewhere...

  6. Pure Genius!!!

    Wonderful to see the Cure captured in such a beautiful venue. You are an amazing photographer with a great eye for detail. The colors and lighting really give your photos beautiful atmosphere - I missed this RAH Reflections concert - but through your eyes I feel like I was indeed in London. Wonderful to see a few familiar faces in your photos as well..

    Excellent job. I look forward to seeing your next project - Cure or not - but hoping The Cure hire you for future concerts.

    thanks ever so much,

  7. I'm in the pictures!

    Second photo, bright light by the sound desk, there is a guy standing and taking photos. I'm sitting next to him, head down - on Twitter I think, sending an update to Craig! I was the one who tweeted the photo of Tim Burton, who I sat next to, but he arrived much closer to showtime.

    I'm also in the Walk photo number 2, but it would take too long to point me out. You can also see Tim Burton there.

    Wonderful photos!

  8. Very good pics.....Can I ask what camera you used to take them???

  9. Thank you all for your comments !

    I used my Iphone (only for the first pic : ) & a Canon 5D mark II + 24-105 F/4.


  10. abfab ~ thanks for sharing