Monday, March 21, 2011

What's David M. Allen up to?

He's been busy in the studio with Black Wildes, and will be working with Reptile & Retard next. (Thanks Christian)

Update: For those who missed it last year, here's David talking to Andrew Collins on BBC 6 (May 19th, 2010).

More bands for Bestival

For those of you going to Bestival, more bands were added to the lineup this morning, including The Japanese Popstars and Mogwai. Full list here. (Thanks Ben and AndrewV127)

Bowie 50th birthday release

Keep getting asked why I haven't posted about the release of the 1997 David Bowie 50th Birthday show (with Robert). Because it's a bootleg, not an official release in any way. And that is confirmed here.