Friday, May 14, 2010

Minor official site update

Robert has added some pre-order links to his post from yesterday. You can find even more links over on the right side of this page.

Disintegration bonus items

More bonus items have been announced (via an email from Universal). Here's the list so far:
Rhino - Disintegration sampler CD for first 500 orders.
Ideal Copy - some mix of posters, CDs, vinyl, and more?
iTunes (UK) - exclusive digital package (digital booklet and 4 Promotional videos).
Townsend Records - Limited Edition A4 print with the pre-sell.

Roger answers the Out of Mind question

In answer to the question about who's talking at the beginning of the "Out of Mind" studio jam, Roger has sent this in: "The question re the talking at the start of Out of Mind , its Boris... He was always the biggest joker in the band and when I heard him say that I laughed out loud. This is such an amazing collection of memories... and a few I had no recollections of at all including one I wrote! Just wrote to Robert to tell him how amazing it is... I am truly excited for the re release. The live stuff from Dallas is amazing. Same Deep Water is truly a classic epic song.... Im getting a little weepy over here! Roger" (Thanks Roger)

Some more comments from Roger on Twitter:
"The live version of Same Deep Water from Dallas in 1989 is incredible, what a song, truly a classic dare I say it Goth classic?"
Contrary to popular belief some of which I have helped to propagate I am very proud of my time,most of it,with The Cure"
apparently Tuned Out on RTV5 was one of my demos and the Funk one was Paul and Boris but dont quote me hahah as if ? I had no idea of either"
"I just have to say The Cure in 1989.. A massive massive band at the height of its creative and performing powers, incredible.. Im very proud"

Ideal Copy Disintegration update

Update: A bit of more info in the new newsletter.

Chris @ Ideal Copy has given us an update on the bonuses that are being planned for their copies of the Disintegration sets, and you can read them here. He's also offering CoF readers a $3 discount on the import set. Just enter the code ENTREAT at checkout. (Thanks Chris)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disintegration Alternative Rarities

Download the Disintegration Alternative Rarities 1988-1989 (and here) and get the cover here.
(Thanks to AndytheCurefan for the files, to Brad for the cover, and to Robert for the unexpected bonus!)

Also, don't forget that you can get Roger's home demo of The Other Side/Fear of Ghosts here (direct download link).
(Thanks to Roger for sharing that)

And if you want the full version (though the quality isn't the greatest) of Faith from Rome, with Robert's complete intro, get it here.

Note: These are NOT the tracks from the 3 CD set, but the tracks RS posted on the Disintegration website, and are not commercially available.

Disintegration official website... Live! (Thanks JC)

Update: Told you there's never a puff without a hit. : ) Robert has posted about this on the official site - "THANKS TO ANDY VELLA AND MARK SAMPSON FOR GETTING THIS DONE..."

HMV Disintegration ad

From Record Collector - June 2010. (Thanks JC)

The Cure Kick Ass vinyl stickers

"You can now get a limited edition high quality gloss vinyl sticker of my own personal homage to The Cure and Robert Smith's appearance on South Park - The Cure Kick Ass." (Thanks Heron)

Help Andy out with this

Update: You can listen to the show online. Kade played Pictures of You and let Andy do a full plug for the Disintegration set! Thank you, Kade and Andy.

"So to commemorate today's Disintegration Day, I want to bombard my local radio station. 987, with requests to play The Cure. I wanted to ask you if you could post this so all the readers of CoF can text the number 22987 with the word CURE. (USA only). And if anyone has a Twitter, you can make a request by replying to @kadeshow and ask him to play some Cure. Anything from Disintegration. He loves The Cure too but I want him to be overwhelmed with such a huge amount of requests."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interpol tour dates and pre-sales

For the Interpol fans who haven't heard yet, the band have announced tour dates and are doing a pre-sale. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disintegration sampler at Rhino

Note: This only applies to pre-orders at, nowhere else.

"The first 500 pre-orders of DISINTEGRATION DELUXE EDITION will receive an exclusive preview disc, "3x3x3," a nine-song, promo-only sampler of DISINTEGRATION DELUXE EDITION that ships immediately (allow 10 business days for delivery). This is sure to be a sought-after Cure collectible and is the only place to get it and sample the collection before its release date, so act fast!"

They also have the vinyl, but I don't think that qualifies for the free sampler.

Pop Matters examines Kiss Me & HotD

Pop Matters' Masters of the Form examines the 'Kiss Me' and 'Head on the Door' albums. (Thanks Kate)

Robert Smith Disintegration action figure

Shannon has done it again (see 2005 RS here)! This time, it's Robert Smith from the Disintegration/Prayer Tour era. You can read more about it in the comments, and learn how it was made and see more photos here. Just amazing! Is it too late to get Rhino/Uni to include one in each of our Disintegration sets? : )
(Thanks Shannon)

Cure nights on French radio

"Here in France on France Inter radio, the program 'On the Road', every evening mon-thu this week interviews Thierry Desauls (for his late book about The Cure), speaking about the life of the band through 4 albums. (Thanks Fabien G)

Update: "You can listen to yesterday's program. Click on (re)ecouter (top right red block list) and it's archived for 7 days, the link below 'en archives'."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cure video night in Atlanta

May 14th - Cure video appreciation night at The Shelter in Atlanta. (Thanks Kent)

Ask Matthieu Hartley

"I will get an exclusive interview with Matthieu Hartley soon. I already have a bunch of questions for him and I also want Cure fans to ask him some questions. Anyone can send me their questions here: Questions need to be in by May 23rd. I will put the interview online in June with some nice pictures." (Thanks Jérôme)