Saturday, July 12, 2008

Charlotte show on HDNet update

I asked HDNet about an air date again, and here's their response:

"No date set as of yet, but we're looking at sometime this fall, possibly September."

Common sense would say sometime around the album release date, but we'll see.

Curiosa archives restored

As promised during one of the 4Tour live chats, I've finally (finally!) restored all of the missing pages in the Curiosa 2004 archives. Every setlist, review and photo link is there again. Hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane. : )

Photo updates

Andythecurefan gets a Letter To Elise Tattoo.
New shot from the 4Tour's final night in Mexico City.
Oscar met Simon and Porl at the airport in Mexico.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cure chat tonight

Rev. Heron will be hosting another Cure chat tonight at 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain, 9pm central, 10pm eastern. Topic is Mix 13 Singles & B-Sides - What's your favorite?

4Tour grosses 10.8 million in North America

"The Cure rank #31 on Pollstar’s mid-year report, having grossed $10.8 million, with an average ticket price of $58.17."
(Thanks Peter F/finalsound)

Ok, I have most of the official numbers for North America posted now. (Thanks Peter B and Billboard)

Charts update

US - holds at #4 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (4th week).
Spain - remains at #1 (3rd week).
Italy - enters at #15.
France - drops to #48 (2nd week).
Germany - drops to #100 (2nd week).
Europe - drops to #66 (2nd week), drops to #88 (3rd week).

The Only One
US - drops to #7 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (5th week).
Spain - remains at #2 (8th week).
Greece - jumps from #5 to #1 (2nd week).
France - drops to #64 (7th week).
Italy - drops to #13 (6th week).

(Thanks Ivan@HispaCure, Notis, Pietro and Guido)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleep/Down Under on iTunes Italy/Germany

Sleep When I'm Dead and Down Under are available right now on iTunes Italy and iTunes Germany. (Thanks fmjews and Moontear)

Update: New 30 second samples here. And now available for purchase! (Thanks Andrew and Marcus)

Down Under lyrics

After banging my head against the wall in frustration for over an hour, here's what I have for a first draft. There's no question that most of this is wrong. Robert, please forgive me for butchering your lyrics like this, but you should speak more clearly. ; )
Update: Thanks to V for helping me out! Maybe we're a bit closer now.

Down Under - 3:04

Around the sea-green pool we spin
Mermaids sing songs to pull us in
Trust me we're here, she slides up slow
To fallllllll down under

Her burning eyes, the only clue to
Who plays, what plays, when plays
You just blew my cue to drown (his chills? these tears?)
All in wonder

A lucky star, I smiled at her twice
Helpless (bids? fizz?)
And eyes as black with ice
Disguise the stroke, entice them out
To quote a number
(Breathe? Leave? Heave?) in and breathe in
As long as you choose
Remember not all games are won
By the last one to lose

Turning tell him, here we break this
The trick is how to fake the first mistake
To rip him, take the easy choice
Too close to care how
Whispered songs and changing stride
Day to night, and every wrong is right
I dry your eye, bite my lip
We're almost there now
(Breathe? Leave? Heave?) in and breathe in
As long as you choose
Remember not all games are won

Sleep When I'm Dead (Mix 13) lyrics

My first draft.
Thanks to V for the corrections...but I've lost my bunny. : (
But I've gained a kitten. : )

Sleep When I'm Dead (Mix 13) - 3:48

Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
But until then...

They told me I would live forever
If I kept it clean
They said I would be the chosen one
If I took one for the team
Yeah it's the only way to be
Never think it isn't fair
(It's a? Lots of?) green-eyed panic climb
To the edge of nowhere

Give it to the chicken
And see if it ticks
Yeah, give it to the kitten
See if it sits
Give it to the wonderful, wonderful me
And I will tell on my return just how it is
with all the happy boys and girls

Yeah the whole perfect happy world
And the love they feel for me
Yeah the love they feel for me

Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said

Told me I could run the world
If I kept it quiet
They said I could be the man
If I took it out of sight
In a monkey suit again
Having fun with all your friends
How a casual act can pull
All this world to pieces

Give it to the pony
Yeah and see if she kicks
Give it to the puppy
And see if he sticks
Give it to the wonderful, wonderful me
I'll let you know when I get back, just how it is
with all the other boys and girls

Yeah the whole (fucking) other world
And the way it stirs inside
And the why it never burns (at night?)
And the way they make the (climb?)
And the why they never pray for time
And the way I show surprise
And the why I never close my eyes
Yeah, just how it is

Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead, I said
Sleep when I'm dead, you angels
I'll sleep when I'm dead
But until then...

I should at least be tired, I think
Before I lay me down to dream

Agyness Deyn, Cure fan

(Thanks Roger)

Dream Thirteen at HMV Japan

HMV Japan have just listed Dream Thirteen for pre-ordering. Get the regular edition or the limited edition SHM-CD version. Here's some more info:

"Today HMV Japan has just posted some information regarding The Cure's new album "Dream Thirteen" Japanese Edition on the top page of their website. It says it will be released on September 13 with a possibility of a bonus track. Along with the regular version (2,500 yen), the limited deluxe version in the SHM-CD format (2,800 yen) will be available only for the first batch. It sounds very exciting, but the problem is Universal Japan hasn't released any official announcement yet. So, I rather stay calm until I get a concrete evidence/ an official announcement from either the band or the record company."
(Thanks Junko)

Update: Listed for pre-sale at HMV UK too, but without a title.

Support The Single!

As we prepare for the release of Sleep When I'm Dead, I thought it might be a good idea to bring back the old Support The Singles page. Those of you who have been with COF since the Bloodflowers era will probably remember it. For those of you who are new, it's simply a way to collect radio station info, and use it to try and get some airplay for the singles.
So take a look, and let me know what to add, what to delete, etc. The info hasn't been updated since 2004, so it's hopelessly out of date. You can either e-mail the info to me, or post it in the comments and I'll get it. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kiss Me on the Chopping Block

I vehemently disagree with Chopping Block's choices, but this bit is funny: "All I Want fails because its lyrics beg uncomfortable questions: 'All I want/ Is to hold you like a dog.' Seriously, that’s all you want? Why not just get a dog, then?" : D
(Thanks Sean)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Perfect Boy confirmed as single #4?

According to this listing on ebay, The Perfect Boy will be the fourth single. Not a big surprise, but very good news.
(Thanks J.M.)

Photo update

New shots added for Austin and London.

Roger update

Roger has a lot going on in the next few months, so be sure to check out his website. A quick summary:

Live shows - Roger will be playing a few live shows this summer. The first date announced is July 31st at Synthetic in The Cavendish Arms pub in Stockwell, London.

Songs From the Silver Box - the new album is now scheduled for a November release.

Remixing -"Just finished a remix for a crazy Toronto band called Pony Da Look. Its difficult to describe them really , there are four girls all playing cheap synthesizers with and English girl singing lyrics about sorcerers and demons .... very weird!" Hahaha...they ARE weird!

Also, check out the Roger Remix site.

Subway Song video

A nice fan made video for Subway Song. (Thanks Jared)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cure covers

"The Watson Twins cover Just Like Heaven in a very slow and wispy way." (Thanks Joefrog)

"You nicely posted about my myspace a few months ago...just letting you know i updated it adding an acoustic guitar version of disintegration...hope you' ll like it!" (Thanks Sorell)

"ZelDa has a cover of Doubt." (Thanks Andy)

"I went and saw Pilots in Play last night, an alternative rock band, at The Concert Pub on the Richmond Strip in Houston, TX for the 4th of July celebrations and they did great covers of both Lovesong and Just Like Heaven. Their singer Denise added a unique female touch to the Cure classics. The band can be reached at: and" (Thanks DSC)


Just passing them along:
Cure for South America
Cure for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
(Thanks Jess and Alastair)