Saturday, June 21, 2008

Radio City Music Hall show

(Thanks Brian)

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Photos: Bill / COF / Kate / Sleepydoll / Amanda / Spiggy / April / Momentinblack / Deepwater08 / Danback / Nicest Thing / Fantac's COF tribute t-shirt
Reviews: COF / Street Reporters / Earfarm / State / Billboard / New York Times / New York Press
Hanging Garden
Freakshow 1 / 2
Why Can't I Be You? 1 / 2 / 3 (RS in the mezzanine)
Charlotte Sometimes
Kyoto Song Part 1 / Part 2 (excellent)
Kyoto Song 2
The Big Hand
Other Voices 1
/ 2
Adagio (Intro)
Catch 1 / 2
Inbetween Days
Close To Me 1 / 2
Just Like Heaven
Just Like Heaven (fans dancing)
Boys Don't Cry
Lullaby 1 / 2
Pictures of You 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Radio City pre-show meet up

Kate, Julian and Chris listening to soundcheck.
(I love this photo!)

"Last night, I got elected to determine a place for a pre RCMH meet up. I told everyone I would post under the comments for the TGIF meet, but if you could post on this, it would help.

Heartland Brewery
1285 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Ave for locals)
One block from RCMH
I’ll be there at 5:30. Hope to see all my new friends for another great meet up!"

(Thanks Michael)

Fuse MSG tv special

Here's what Fuse aired tonight (click song for the Fuse Youtube version):
Underneath The Stars, Pictures of You, The Perfect Boy, Hot Hot Hot, The Only One, The End of the World, Lovesong, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, Friday I'm In Love, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Baby Rag Dog Book.

Fuse Cure commercial on Youtube.

Fuse broadcast in MP3:
Sendspace (? version)
Megaupload (Crypt-X version)
Megaupload (Andy version)
(Thanks to Andy, Jason and to Crypt-X @

Get it on The Pirate Bay. (Thanks Andy)
Get it on Dime. (Thanks Mike/Grinding Halt)
If anyone from The Cure, Universal, Fuse, etc. wants these link removed, please just let me know.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Madison Square Garden show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF /Live Daily / Billboard
Photos: COF / Kate / Sleepydoll / Rev. Heron / Faithdesired / Blainewad / Brilliancy / JLBNYC
Audio: Underneath The Stars (Thanks to J @
Robert says goodnight

Primary/Shake Dog Shake
Baby Rag Dog Book
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Jumping Someone Else's Train/Grinding Halt
The Kiss Part 1 / Part 2
The Kiss 2
Sleep When I'm Dead (soundcheck)
"Fucking Amazing" (soundcheck)
Underneath The Stars (soundcheck)
To Wish Impossible Things (soundcheck)
Friday I'm In Love (soundcheck)
Underneath The Stars (Fuse)
Pictures of You (Fuse)
The Perfect Boy (Fuse)
Hot Hot Hot (Fuse)
The Only One (Fuse)
The End of the World (Fuse)
Lovesong (Fuse)
Sleep When I'm Dead (Fuse)
Push (Fuse)
Friday I'm In Love (Fuse)
Inbetween Days (Fuse)
Just Like Heaven (Fuse)
Baby Rag Dog Book (Fuse)
The Perfect Boy
The Only One
Charlotte Sometimes
Shake Dog Shake
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Part 1)
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Part 2)
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea 2
Underneath The Stars
To Wish Impossible Things Part 1
/ Part 2
Shake Dog Shake
Push 1 (RS sees the COF sign, sticks tongue out)
Push 2
The Walk 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Hot Hot Hot 1 / 2
A Night Like This
Inbetween Days
Lovesong 1 / 2
Killing An Arab
Why Can't I Be You? 1 / 2 / 3
Prayers For Rain
Lullaby / Montage

10:15 Saturday Night
Just Like Heaven
One Hundred Years
A Night Like This 1 / 2
Friday I'm In Love 1 / 2 / 3
Sleep When I'm Dead 1 / 2
Pictures of You 1 / 2
Boys Don't Cry 1 / 2 / 3

NYC Reminders / Updates

Leslie, Kate and Spiggy @ COF: the Gathering

(Chris sums it up perfectly in 4 words...or 6)

Just a quick reminder about the COF Fan Gathering today. Check here for the details. Hope everyone has a great time there, and at the show!

There's also a Cure party after the MSG show.

And don't forget that Fuse will be broadcasting one hour of the show "live" and commercial free at 11pm eastern, followed by a repeat at midnight. So that's 10 & 11pm central, 9 & 10pm mountain and 8 & 9pm pacific.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freakshow debuts at #2

Freakshow debuts at #2 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart.

Atlanta recording

The Cure - Live in Atlanta (6-15-08)
SendSpace / Rapidshare / Megaupload
Not FLAC, but a very good recording.
(Thanks to Brent for allowing me to share it)

Photo Updates

Added 28 new shots for Tampa and 4 new shots for Sunrise.

HDNet update from Mark Cuban

"I wrote Mark Cuban this morning @ HDNet and he actually replied almost immediately.
Here's his response regarding my question of "when will it air".
Mark: "No date set yet. Go to and subscribe to the concert newsletter to find out when" (Thanks Jeff)

Update: Just got a response from HDNet: "We did shoot the concert but don't know as of yet when it may air on our network. Keep an eye on our website for details as we will post the concert dates once it is scheduled - probably at least a few months from now."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cleveland show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF / Cleveland Plain Dealer
Photos: COF / Shawn 1 / Shawn 2 / iwannashagsimon / WoodysWorldTV / Michaelavk / Tony / Brian / Tippy 13

Just Like Heaven 1
Just Like Heaven 2
The End of the World
10:15 Saturday Night
EOTW / Lovesong / Want / POY / Lullaby
The Only One
Lullaby 1
Lullaby 2
Fascination Street
A Forest 1
A Forest 2
Fire In Cairo
Jumping Someone Else's Train
Grinding Halt / 10:15 Saturday Night

Sleep and Dream updates

From "Friend of COF": "Sleep When I'm Dead/Down Under is confirmed for a 7/15 release in the US…I have a note too that shows Dream 13 as the album title for a 9/16 US release…so things are humming along as of now…"
(Thank you again Friend of COF)

Only One review

The Washington Post Express has a nice review of The Only One.
(Thanks again to Kate)

Cameras for NYC

"I just spoke with Guest Relations for MSG and RCMH:
I asked "Could you please tell me the camera policies for Friday night at the Garden and Saturday night at the Hall?"
She replied, "That's for the Cure, right?"
Yes, ma'am! For both:

Personal disposable or 35mm cameras ARE allowed.
No flash photography.
No professional lenses. (Presumably wide-angle or zoom)

I reiterated that I wanted "to make sure that I could bring in my little camera" and she replied that yes, that would be fine.

(Thanks Kate)

MSG Tickets available

Once again, tickets for MSG are available.
(Thanks Kate)

Robert confirms HDNet filming

Robert has posted at the official site and confirms that the Charlotte show was filmed for HDNet. Go read the details on that, and what's going on with the Fuse taping.
Everyone repeat after me..."You want to use it! You want to use it!" : )

Freakshow in Japan

"Freakshow finally arrived in Japan this week! Tower records has the most CD's and Disk Union a very few 7"´s. HMV Japan sucks this time completely - it did stock a lot of Only One 7" , but almost no CD copy - this time no fucking format of Freakshow is available - Staff explained its sold out and deleted - ?? how something can be sold out which didn't see the shelves in the shop ?? Lost in translation anyways...

Freakshow has a superb Hit potential - but if no one can buy it.... I remember the wish era where in every fucking countryside shops High Singles were available the very first day.....and all this beautiful Promo posters and Boxes....well as time goes by....Universal should rename themselves into Microversal and get eaten up by maggots of dead bodies."
(Thanks Thomas)

Amnesty Meet & Greet in Atlanta

Corinne and April met the band in Atlanta.

Cure on Fuse update

Fuse has their page up with all of the info about Fuse Rocks the Garden: The Cure.
(Thanks Andy)

Charlotte videos

Faith (Wow!)
Charlotte Sometimes

(Thanks Rev. Heron)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleep When I'm Dead / Down Under pre-orders

Pre-orders for SWID / Down Under are popping up already:
HMV - CD 3.49 / 7" 3.49
Amazon (UK) - CD 4.99 / 7"
Amazon (Canada) - CD 2.99
Amazon (Germany) - 7" 4.99

(Thanks Thom and Muldfeld)

Amnesty Meet & Greet in San Diego

Adriana met the band in San Diego.

Cameras for Cleveland

"Just called Wolstein Center and they said for the Cure show on 06/18 they're allowing small cameras, no professional gear or Camcorders."
(Thanks Annie)

Underneath The Stars at the Bowl

UTS (super close - Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
(Thanks Lisa)

Radio City tickets available!

RCMH tickets available now. Hurry!
Update: Gone again, but keep checking throughout the day.
(Thanks April)

Charlotte filmed by HDNet

Last night's show was being filmed by multiple cameras for HDNet. No idea where this will end up (Robert?), but lets keep fingers and toes crossed that it will be released unedited. Please? We all promise to buy 10 copies each. : )

Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlotte show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: COF / Charlotte Observer
Photos: COF / Greenghst134 / Maizrim / ChuliPichuli / Jennifer / MDots
The Holy Hour
Pictures of You
Inbetween Days
How Beautiful You Are
Charlotte Sometimes 1
Charlotte Sometimes 2
Charlotte Sometimes 3
Sleep When I'm Dead
Sleep When I'm Dead 1 (all Simon)
Sleep When I'm Dead 2 (all Simon)
Hot Hot Hot (all Simon)
Wrong Number (all Simon)
Perfect Boy (all Simon)
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (mostly Simon)
The Walk 1
The Walk 2
Push 1
Push 2
Just Like Heaven
Close To Me
Why Can't I Be You?
Boys Don't Cry

Freakshow review

From the Manchester Evening News:

4 out of 5 stars
Instalment two of the Cure's celebratory singles bonanza (ahead of their 13th album) is a complete peach: cheeky, funky, jerky, but even more essentially, infectiously upbeat.
Porl's wah-wah is put to effective use, pulling major gee-tar moves that are left pleasingly understated in the mix, while Smith babbles like a drunken teenager.
We can hardly wait for part three.

(Thanks Ronan)

Robert talks new videos

Robert has posted an update on the official site, talking about the new "MTV Videos", and says they filmed their own versions too! And what is CureTV? Guess he'll keep us guessing. : )
And seriously Robert, thank you. You don't even know...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sleep When I'm Dead/Down Under confirmed?

According to this listing on ebay, the 3rd single is confirmed to be Sleep When I'm Dead, and the b-side is Down Under.
(Thanks Z)

Atlanta show

Setlist and show notes moved here.
Reviews: Access Atlanta
Photos: COF / Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Alan & Zoe were there!) / Holly M. / Andy C / Horsenbuggy / Santacho
The Walk
Killing An Arab
A Forest part 1
A Forest part 2
Close To Me 1
Close To Me 2
Just Like Heaven
Sleep When I'm Dead

Underneath The Stars forever!

As curator of the official UTS Museum, I wanted to point out a couple of new artifacts that the field teams have brought in recently, just in case you missed them:
UTS (video - live in Tampa)
UTS (video - live in Tampa)
UTS (video - live in Dallas)
UTS (video - live at Hollywood Bowl)