Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Freakshow in Japan

"Freakshow finally arrived in Japan this week! Tower records has the most CD's and Disk Union a very few 7"´s. HMV Japan sucks this time completely - it did stock a lot of Only One 7" , but almost no CD copy - this time no fucking format of Freakshow is available - Staff explained its sold out and deleted - ?? how something can be sold out which didn't see the shelves in the shop ?? Lost in translation anyways...

Freakshow has a superb Hit potential - but if no one can buy it.... I remember the wish era where in every fucking countryside shops High Singles were available the very first day.....and all this beautiful Promo posters and Boxes....well as time goes by....Universal should rename themselves into Microversal and get eaten up by maggots of dead bodies."
(Thanks Thomas)


  1. I was trying to resist. But I finally found a deep groovy love for Freakshow last night/this morning while at my desk here at work

    (I had to work because of the simulated disasters our company loves to run...I just don't see terrorists travelling to Omaha, Nebraska to detonate a nuclear bomb inside our data center, but our company insists on planning for that possibility).

    So by 4am, I definitely needed some kick-you-in-pants, wake-your-ass-up music, and Freakshow did the trick. Now I'm all kinds of hooked on Freakshow :)

  2. Awesome, dumb anguish. You could rename yourself Smart Euphoria. :-)

  3. Me too, but then again, i always was...AKOS is also a grower...
    Things have changed since Wish in terms of promotion that's for sure, but back then the band was huge(saleswise)..i remember in the UK they had a phone line you could call to listen to High before its release....

  4. Universal should rename themselves into Microversal and get eaten up by maggots of dead bodies."


  5. Yeah, Thomas is right. I see nothing and hear nothing about Freakshow in Japan. No nothing completely! It's pretty sure that Universal Japan has no interest to deal with the new materials from this superb band.

    And sad to say, nobody in Japan talks about the amazing Cure shows in the states, neither. Have Japanese already forgotten the exciting show they had in the Fuji Rock last summer? I'm soooo frustrated.

  6. I'm not sure it's the record companies fault. It's hard just to buy CDs at stores anymore, at least around these parts. I couldn't find the first single anywhere a few days after it's release. It's not just the Cure singles, CD stores are going out of business and are slow to getting new music. The internet is where people are getting it

  7. i'll just say again how nice it is to live 10 minutes from amoeba...

  8. got my cd today and the the studio version is better than the 2 times i heard it live (madrid & london) - also goes to show that you shouldn't judge a song until you've got a quality version of said song.

  9. Monkeybutt, aside from having the greatest handle ever, you are truly lucky to live so close to Amoeba! I live nearby too... about 15 minutes! We've probably run into eachother in the store... unless you live in Berkely or on the Haight...

    But yeah, singles are getting harder and harder to come by. That's just how it's going, unfortunately. But that's why I always try to buy singles in the store, to encourage stores to carry them!