Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cameras for NYC

"I just spoke with Guest Relations for MSG and RCMH:
I asked "Could you please tell me the camera policies for Friday night at the Garden and Saturday night at the Hall?"
She replied, "That's for the Cure, right?"
Yes, ma'am! For both:

Personal disposable or 35mm cameras ARE allowed.
No flash photography.
No professional lenses. (Presumably wide-angle or zoom)

I reiterated that I wanted "to make sure that I could bring in my little camera" and she replied that yes, that would be fine.

(Thanks Kate)


  1. Well that's good! I wanna see lots of pictures from this show!!!

  2. That's cool! And for once I'll actually be close enough to see their faces! Thanks again for the info Craig! You're the best!

  3. it seems that a lot more venues now don't have a problem with digital cameras as long as they aren't digital SLRs.

    at the shows i attended, the ticket stubs would say "no cameras/recorders" allowed but that's not entirely the case thankfully.

  4. I'm confused, though - did they say specifically no DIGITAL cams?

  5. ohhhhhhh yeiiiiiiii i was worried!!!!!!thanks craig!!!

    we will me meet at excited....yeiiii in a few hours is my flight to nyc!!! yeiiii

  6. woohoo! ill take lots of pics for you guys! ill be close enough to get some great shots!

    see you guys then!


  7. I specifically asked about digital cameras and they said YES!

  8. FOR SALE!

    Radio City Music Hall (Saturday night)
    Orchestra 1
    Row N
    Seats 103-104
    (These are on Simon’s side)

    Both tickets for $195.00 total (plus shipping, if needed)

    These are HARD tickets. I would be happy to take a picture of them with your name on a piece of paper to confirm.

    If time allows, I can ship them overnight via UPS Next Day Air Saver (about $25.00)

    Or, I will be at the COF Meet at TGI Friday’s on Friday (6/20).

    Please e-mail me at

    curercmh at zygotestar dot com