Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reeves Gabrels joins The Cure for the Summer

Welcome to The Cure, Reeves! Good time to take a listen to Yesterday's Gone again. Beautiful!

From Slicing Up Eyeballs: "While Smith has not made an official announcement regarding Gabrels’ addition to the lineup — and generally hasn’t announced lineup changes in recent years — musician Jenn Vix, who released a song with Gabrels earlier this year, tells Slicing Up Eyeballs that Gabrels is “an official band member now” and will play all of The Cure’s summer festival dates."
Update: Robert says Reeves is "just filling in", he's not a member of the band.

From Jenn Vix on Facebook: "For all my friends who have been wondering where I have disappeared to for the last few weeks... I am playing guitar with The Cure. We will be doing festivals throughout Europe this summer." -- Reeves Gabrels

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinkpop on TV, Radio, Internet

Still not sure about this, but it looks like some of The Cure's set should be aired on one or more of these stations tomorrow:
3voor12 (only available in The Netherlands?)
Nederland 3 (Highlights on Sunday & Monday?)
This article says Robert has given them permission to air The Cure's set (this is only for tv), but this article has a schedule of performances to be streamed, and The Cure are not listed.

Hultsfred posters

Poster for the Hultsfred Festival spotted today in the Stockholm Underground. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

These posters are all over Stockholm right now. (Thanks Johan)

And here's an ad in Swedish magazine People. (Thanks @MarbleandStone)

Cure videos on Rage in Australia

"Thought I'd let you know for all the Aussie fans that Rage appears to be broadcasting the Cure's entire catalogue of music videos (including two live ones I believe) from 3.30am onwards tomorrow night (Saturday) on ABC1. Rage is a music video TV program on the ABC that runs specials every Saturday night. Here's the link for the playlist." (Thanks Gabby)

Other Voices (Reflections London - LA - NYC)

The Cure - Other Voices (Reflections London - LA - NYC 2011)
Another fantastic video edit by George/Frameworks. One of my favorites from those shows. Thank you, George.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cure on 30 Beautiful Song Lyrics list

'Just Like Heaven' makes NME's 30 Beautiful Song Lyrics list.
"And moving lips to breathe her name, I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone, Alone, Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me"

The Cure at Pinkpop 1986

The Cure at Pinkpop Festival 1986. Thanks to Charlie at Impression of Sounds for posting. (Thanks Salvador)

Cure to play European Summer festivals!

Update (5-24): Timetable for Eurockeennes announced. The Cure plays for 2 & 1/2 hours, from 22:30 - 01:00.
(Thanks @guillaumegrivaz)

May 26th: Pinkpop in Netherlands (Tickets)
June 1st: Primavera Sound in Spain (Tickets)
June 11th: Maxidrom in Russia (Tickets)
June 15th: Hultsfred Festival in Sweden (Tickets)
June 22nd: Hurricane Festival in Germany (Sold Out)
June 23rd: Southside Festival in Germany (Sold Out)
June 28th: Rock Werchter in Belgium (Sold Out)
June 30th: Les Eurockeennes in France (Tickets)
July 5th - 8th: Roskilde Festival in Denmark (Tickets)
July 7th: Heineken Jammin' in Italy (Tickets)
July 9th: Rock in Roma in Italy (Tickets)
July 12th: Bilbao BBK Live in Spain (Tickets)
July 14th: Optimus Alive in Portugal (Tickets)
July 18th: Paléo Festival in Switzerland (Tickets)
July 20th: Festival Vielles Charrues in France (Tickets)
Aug. 18th: Frequency Festival in Austria (Tickets)
Aug. 24th: Reading Festival in England (Tickets)
Aug. 25th: Leeds Festival in England (Tickets)
Sept. 1st: Electric Picnic in Ireland (Tickets)

Should we make anything of that image Robert posted with the news? Any clues there? What is it, and what, if anything, does it mean?
Answer from @CHROMEDICK: "It's a map of Europe and the green spots are probably selected regions where they'll be performing. That's my guess. Also, there's one in the far upper right corner...Russia?!"

Festival tickets update

These are the numbers of tickets left as reported by the official festival & ticket websites:

- Only 1,500 3 day passes and 1,620 Radiohead’s day still available @ Optimus Alive (50,000) ; Stone Roses and The Cure day tickets sold out.
- 3 day passes and The Cure day are sold out @ Eurokéennes (32,000). Only way to attend The Cure concert there is to get a 3 day+Bus ticket from different cities but it's a question of hours.
- Sold Out @ Werchter (85,000)
- Sold Out @ Hurricane (75,000)
- Sold Out @ Southside (55,000)
- 1,908 tickets left @ Maxidrom (50,000)
- Sold Out @ Paléo (35,000) ; 1,500 tickets to be sold just prior the event to avoid black market.

- Only Thursday, Friday and Sunday tickets left @ Vieilles Charrues (55,000) ; 3 day, 4 day passes and Saturday tickets sold out. (Thanks David)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Remembering 'The Top'

Nice article from Chris at The Unfinished Line about 'The Top'. (Thanks Chris)

When Crawley ruled the music world

Article and slideshow about the Crawley music scene in the 80s from The Crawley Observer. (Thanks @HaloCure13)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cure Pinkpop special tonight

It appears that Culture24 (English translation) will be airing a Cure special tonight at 21:30. (Thanks Aaron)

And can anyone tell me if any of this (English) or this (English) or this (English) means we will be able to watch or listen to any of the Pinkpop set online, on TV, or on the radio? It seems to indicate that we will. At least on 3FM (English). Thanks!
Note: But even if they are doing live broadcasts, that doesn't mean they have permission to air The Cure's set live.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Schecter ad for the VIs

New ad from Schecter Guitars in Premier Guitar magazine for their VI line. This was posted at the Schecter VI Players Facebook page. (Thanks to Brian from The Curse)

Cure rehearsals last week

Pepe le Moko, bass player for The Wedding Present (here's their cover of 'High'), posted this to her blog last week:
"And if you happen to walk past our rehearsal studios today and heard some very familiar light goth hits, then no, that wasn’t us. There is another great band rehearsing at the same studio. They are kind of from the same era as the Wedding Present and the singer likes to use his mum’s make-up and hair spray…"
(Thanks Guy)
Who else could she possibly be talking about? : )

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Porl's auction results, final offers, photos

Some of Porl's auction items did not meet their reserve, so offers will be taken until the end of the week. If you're interested in any of the items listed here without a price, email your offer to Office(at)omegaauctions(dot)co(dot)uk. (Thanks @Nemi)

Update: Jennifer went to the public viewing and got some great photos. (Thanks Jennifer)

2 tickets for The Cure at Eurokeennes

From Georgy: "I have two 1-day Eurokeennes passes for 30th of June (the day when The Cure plays there). I am ready to give them to any Cure fan without any fee but with his/her undertaking to donate at least 30€ to any child health charity of his/her choice." Contact him at gosha(dot)kovalenko(at)gmail(dot)com or on Twitter @Goshmac.

120 Minutes 1996 help?

Can anyone help Libby with this? Thanks!
"I was wondering if maybe you could help me find a video clip of a particular interview? It's of the Cure's interview on the 120 Minutes show in America in 1996 - it was quite extensive and it used to be on YouTube in multiple parts, but it's been deleted. There are clips of the songs they played on the 120 Minutes archive, but I'm more interested in the interview. I was wondering if maybe another reader of the blog had downloaded it before it was taken down?"

Update: Here we go - Part 1 / Part2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Strange Attraction (Thanks @Joy1771)
And you can download it here. (Thanks @Mrs_Lament)