Saturday, March 2, 2024

Health update from Roger

From Roger on Facebook:

"Thanks for all the kind messages of support just a quick update, Im about 60% through treatment and everything is going very well. I feel pretty good and looking forward to the Spring when I will be done. Working on lots of new musical projects with lots of interesting new people and instruments... X"

This is great to hear and I sincerely hope everything continues to go well. Can't wait to hear the new projects!

From Roger on Instagram

Jason Cooper Shows How He Drums and Jams With Sirishkumar | Masterclass

Michael Timmons covers Trust

My cover of 'Trust' by The Cure is out now. I recorded it live for a radio session (The Radio Off) in January. It's a beautiful song & a favourite of mine, I hope I've captured some of that beauty, and hope some of you like it 🩷 find it here:

Zetra covers Burn