Monday, February 29, 2016

More Cure love from Jenny Lee Lindberg

From Q Magazine (April 2016).

I First Made Love To This
Pictures of You, The Cure (1989)

"I was obsessed with The Cure when I was in High School. I had Cure posters all over my wall. At 15, my first real boyfriend also really loved The Cure. Before that, I thought I was gonna save myself for marriage, because I grew up religious, but then I met this person and I was really in love with him, and I lost my virginity to Pictures of You, which I thought was really romantic! I love that all Robert Smith's songs are so romantic. It gave me hope - oh, I want to feel that, that intense deep love that I'd never experienced before. Pictures of You is sad, though - ironic that I lost my virginity to it..."

Thanks to JC/Perfect.Murder at The Cure Press Cuttings.