Saturday, February 16, 2013

'Kiss Me' vinyl reissue on the way?

HMV Japan has a European import up for pre-order with a release date of April 15th. Also, AllMusic has a new vinyl listing with an April 15th release date. In no way official, but something to keep an eye on. (Thanks Jean-Francois)

Change to on sale dates for Brasil

There has been a change to on sale dates for the Brasil tickets. Sao Paulo will now go on sale Feb. 21st and Rio will now go on sale Feb. 26th. (Thanks Rafael)

Also, Pablo may have found the way for international fans to register to buy tickets:
"Just wanted to let you know this was posted (in the comments for an unrelated event) in LivePass Brazil's facebook
So, sending an email to with Passport number, birth date and full name, could work in order to get registered manually in that site." (Thanks Pablo)

'Open to the Dark' by 1991

This is a year old, but I never posted it. Listen to 'Open to the Dark' by 1991. Built around samples of 'Charlotte Sometimes'. (Thanks Ingmar & Clemens)

The looks of Robert Smith, by each album

Chilango (English) has an article about The looks of Robert Smith, by each album. (Thanks Jorge)

A look back at 'Bloodflowers'

Diffuser takes a look back at 'Bloodflowers' on its 13th anniversary this week. (Thanks Jorge)

Truck ad for the Bogota show

Rolling truck ad for the show in Bogota, Colombia.
(Thanks @PeterStayWay & @biva77)

Porl guitar rig up for auction

Gary from The Cureheads is selling a Cornford speaker cabinet and flight case, previously owned by Porl. (Thanks Gary)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Poster & radio ad for the Buenos Aires show

Listen to the radio ad here.
(Thanks The Cure Rarities)

Fiction playing 10 shows in Chile

Fiction, a Chilean Cure tribute band, are doing a 10 date tour (8 left). (Thanks David)

And here's an article with a brief interview with them. (Thanks David)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top 10 Cure Love Songs

PopMatters has a list of what they think are the Top 10 Cure Love Songs. (Thanks David)

Mexico City tickets on sale today

The general sale will start today at 11am. All tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster, the box office or by phone 5325 9000. Good luck!

On sale now!

Win tickets for the show in Lima

For fans in Peru - Oxygen will be giving away 2 tickets to the show. See details here. Good luck! (Thanks David)

Cure's legacy to Spanish music

This article talks about The Cure's legacy to Spanish music. And this article also talks about their influence. (Thanks David)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monterrey 1992 broadcast

To celebrate the tickets going on sale in Mexico today, Ocesa is broadcasting some of The Cure's show from Monterrey, Mexico 1992 here. (Thanks )

Over now.