Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chicago Riot Fest is a complete mess

After all of the rain yesterday, the grounds were a muddy mess. Things have not improved today. Needless to say, unless conditions magically improve before tomorrow, leave your good shoes at home. Bring an old pair you can ditch after the show. But don't let the mud ruin your day. Have fun, just be careful.

Photo from @101WKQX

"Some areas have been blocked off, for obvious reasons." - @TribuneKevin
"The phrase of the day is, "This sucks!" - @TribuneKevin
From @BobGendron25: "No sign of any drying agents for grounds. More mud than any Lolla. Riot Fest seems to be courting a lawsuit given condition of mud and potential for broken ankles. This park looks destroyed."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chicago Riot Fest starts today

"The 10th Anniversary of Riot Fest & Carnival begins today. Be safe, take care of each other, help and meet the thousands of people who have traveled from all over the world to celebrate with you, the bands, and us. We know we can be real smart asses sometimes, we truly love you guys...the most loyal and absolutely best fans in the entire world.

We have one last treat for you going into the festival weekend, a curated playlist of fan favorites and rarities for the die-hards out there who never thought they'd get to hear that one song live. The participating artists have agreed to incorporate these tracks into their setlist this weekend as a special thanks for your support of music. So, celebrate alongside us because this one's for you.

Your grateful chums,
The Gang at Riot Fest"

And if you want to be impulsive and make a last minute decision to go, it's not too late. Buy a 2 day pass (Friday & Sunday or Saturday & Sunday). All other options for Sunday are sold out.

Safe travels, everyone! I'll be heading out Sunday morning. This is going to be a blast!

Chicago Riot Fest new map & updates

New map posted. Things have moved around a bit compared to the map that was originally posted.

They've also updated the FAQ and added transportation info.
And a haunted house update.

New Cure Tribute CD

"For the past 12 months the Alfa Matrix bands have all been recording THE CURE songs in secret. The result can be found on a brand new THE CURE tribute album by some of the finest industrial/electro acts around.

This tribute holds over 30 tracks (Bandcamp users also get 2 extra bonus tracks on top) and is being released as a 2CD and in MP3 and FLAC format!

Everyone born between 1970 and 1980 has undergone a THE CURE brainwashing, voluntary or not, filled with genius songwriting pearls by Robert Smith & co. Whereas other bands that grew up alongside with them ended up with albums that no longer stand the test of fandom, THE CURE has been able to maintain an overall quality throughout the years, constantly offering unforgettable extended live shows made of nostalgic classic mixed with newer songs, and always reminding us that the unique "THE CURE magic" has remained intact!

Today the Alfa Matrix label roster is paying homage to this great and unique band: THE CURE, choosing classic radio hits but also songs that are less known to the public-at-large but which deserve even more to be heard again, showing that the songs written by Robert Smith and current/ex-members also lend themselves to different music style treatments... All electronic music genres have their very own ambassadors on this 31-track double CD compilation from electro dance to pop rock through dark elektro and modern EBM. Compiled by and for THE CURE fans, "A Strange Play - a tribute to The Cure" will offer you astounding interpretations of classic hits. 

THE CURE was, is, and will continue to be a major influence and reference, conscious or not, for many underground artists and music lovers. We hope that together with us you will rediscover THE CURE in a way you didn't expect, cruising through their vast catalogue in different soundscapes but always remaining faithful to the band's darker sound.
ATTENTION: Bandcamp users, you get 2 EXTRA bonus tracks exclusive to the Bandcamp release!
Available via: 

Upcoming dates for Liqueur

Liqueur, a tribute to The Cure, have a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months.

Sept. 12th, 2014 - Norwich , The Waterfront
Sept. 13th, 2014 - Harlow , The Square
Nov. 1st, 2014 - Milton Keynes , The Craufurd Arms
Nov. 21st, 2014 - Lowestoft , Granny's
(Disintegration warm up show)
Nov. 22nd, 2014 - Islington o2 Academy 2
(*Disintegration Special* Three sets - all of the original vinyl issue of Disintegration then a set of hits and classics - approx 100 minute show ..)

Lol at San Diego Music Thing

From Lol on Facebook: "So its that time of year again for the San Diego Music Thing. I will be there talking on a panel about touring on September 13 th at 11:45am. Should be fun, it was last year. I also hope to get to talk to some of you again after the panel."

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Andy Vella interview

Andy did an interview with Rock101 in Mexico. Here's the English version and the Spanish version. (Thanks @guillaume_g_z)

And from : "Announcing a competition related to 'Obscure' by soon. Follow for the chance to win something special."

Mauro's photo exhibit in Paris

"I will show in September twenty photographs of mine  in large format, in an iconic rock theater called La Maroquinerie. My photographs include: Robert Smith, Reeves Gabrels, Simon Gallup etc.
I will be more than happy to have a drink for the private view on september the 3rd with the Cure fans crossing Paris that day :)"

Thanks, Mauro, and congratulations!

Update (09/11/14): Some photos from the exhibit.
 (Thanks @guillaume_g_z)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reeves in East Nashvillian magazine

Very nice article on Reeves in East Nashvillian. An excerpt:

     In the spring of 2012, another old friend, Robert Smith of The Cure, asked him to join the band’s summer tour as a second guitarist, and that led to an invitation at the end of the tour to join the legendary group full-time.
     “When everything happened with The Cure, it all happened so fast. The nature of the music business is not a straight line — at its best, it’s like a sine wave; it has peaks and valleys. To get back on the merry-go-round in my 50s was kind of a surprise, because I was just trying to find a way to gracefully ride out to my death,” he says, laughing.
     “I joined one of the coolest bands ever, one of the most identifiable and idiosyncratic bands — they sound like nobody else. For them to welcome me into that, and to welcome whatever sonic variation I can bring to the band, is really nice.
     “Whatever I brought to it, I’ve made a conscious effort to support the vocals, which I don’t think always happened in the band. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin. I’m not trying to prove something, I’m just trying to do the right thing for the music. But it is nice to catch a smile from Robert onstage when I try something that I’m not sure if I’m getting too weird, or not weird enough, or just trying something out,” he adds. “It has been very welcoming.”
     When he’s not busy with The Cure, Gabrels is immersed in other projects. Fantastic Guitars, a record he did with Bill Nelson of Bebop Deluxe fame, was released in July, and his fifth solo album, Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends, is scheduled to drop in October.
     “I don’t do the solo thing because I’m not satisfied with what I’m doing with [The Cure],” Gabrels says. “I do the solo thing because I’ve always done my own thing.”

'Hanging Garden' influenced Joe Principe

Joe Principe from Rise Against tells Riot Fest that The Cure's 'Hanging Garden' was 1 of the Top 10 songs that influenced him most.

The Cure cover Beatles' 'Hello Goodbye'

Judging by no Porl, Roger, or Reeves in the band, and by the stickers on Robert's guitar, this appears to have been recorded between 2009 - 2011. Guessing 2011 based on this first being reported by The Sun on April 11th, 2011. Articles here.

Also, according to The Art of McCartney website, Robert will do a solo cover of 'C Moon' by Wings. It will not be on the standard CD, only the Deluxe Set & Triple Vinyl Shoulder Pack. Press release says if you pre-order , you get a download now of 'Hello Goodbye'.

Update (09/10/14): The track is now available to download (at Amazon, iTunes, etc.), either on its own or with a pre-order of the album.

From The Guardian:

Hear the Cure cover the Beatles on their first new recording for six years – exclusive

Version of Hello Goodbye comes from forthcoming all-star tribute album to Sir Paul McCartney

November 17 sees the release of the tribute album to end tribute albums – a 34-song salute to Sir Paul McCartney, featuring the likes of Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Kiss, Barry Gibb, Dr John, BB King and more. Needless to say, The Art of McCartney comes in 327 formats of varying levels of deluxitude, from a simple two-CD set all the way up to a box set featuring a “specially designed Hofner violin bass shaped USB with flac files of the album”.

But you want to know what the music’s like, don’t you? Here’s a very special taste, in the form of the first new recording from the Cure for six years – a version of Hello Goodbye, featuring Sir Paul’s son James on keyboards. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Articles about this: Slate / Examiner / Paste / Entertainment Weekly / L.A. Times / Zumic / Spin / Pitchfork / Vanyaland / Diffuser / USA Today / ABC News / Slicing Up Eyeballs / Consequence of Sound / Elmore Magazine / Live4Ever / Something Else / NME / Rolling Stone / Gigwise / RTE Ten / Music-News / Stereoboard

10 Years, 10 Essential Albums

Riot Fest has finally confirmed that the 10th mystery band has already been announced, so it's one of the bands already listed, not a late addition.

Leading rumors as to who & what the album will be?

Flaming Lips - 'Transmissions From The Satellite Heart'
Television - 'Marquee Moon'
Rise Against - 'Siren Song'
The Cure - 'Disintegration'

Update (09/10/14): The 10th album is finally announced and it's...'Heaven Tonight' from Cheap Trick. Huh, I don't think anyone guessed that. Or even wanted it?

While I never thought there was a realistic chance of it being 'Disintegration', it was fun to dream that it might just happen. So I guess we know what to expect from The Cure's set now. Do I even need to do the live updates? :P (Thanks Christine)

Chicago Riot Fest Cure pre-party

Excited about The Cure's set at Riot Fest next weekend? So are we!!!! Join us for a night dedicated to The Cure to help pass time till next Sunday.


The Cure and all your other favorite New Wave and 80's tracks played all night till 4am!


Sept. 11th, 2014
Neo Nightclub
2350 N. Clark
10pm - 4am
21 +
Facebook event page
(Thanks Kamar)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That Rabbl contest

So remember that Rabbl contest to win 3 Day VIP passes to Chicago Riot Fest, along with airfare & hotel accommodations, that I posted about? And how so many of you used my referral code to give me extra entries? Yeah, I was the 1st alternate winner. They couldn't contact the winner, and so they contacted me. It went to my spam folder and I didn't reply until 3 hours after they sent it. When I did reply, I find out they had just given the prize to the 2nd alternate 15 minutes ago. Ugh!!!!! Stupid spam filters! Stupid Craig for not checking it sooner! I would have had it! :(

Anyway,  thank you again to everyone who used my referral code to give me extra entries. The Rabbl guy said only 1 other person had more entries than I did.

Not going to get too down about this. Still going to Chicago, still seeing all of the bands I wanted to see, but, damn!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Chicago Riot Fest ticket update

3 day VIP passes & Sunday VIP passes are also sold out.

Update: Riot Fest says Sunday GA passes are sold out, but at the time of me posting this, they are still available at Ticketfly. Nope. Sold out now. Only option now is a 2 day pass (Friday & Sunday or Saturday & Sunday).

'Lovesong' at Toronto Riot Fest

Lovesong - Toronto, Riot Fest 06-Sep-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

Thanks to Olivier at it's a perfect day.

'Shake Dog Shake' at Toronto Riot Fest

Shake Dog Share - Toronto, Riot Fest 06-Sep-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

Thanks to Olivier at it's a perfect day.