Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rumor: South America in April/May

(Ad for The Cure in Lima, Peru on April 17th at National Stadium. Is it real? We should know soon. Thanks Jorge)

The latest nonsense from South America comes from this article (English) which now says those "confirmed" & "locked in" Cure shows in April, are now going to be in May. IF this article can be trusted.
Once again, and I know I'm a broken record on this, but no shows have been officially announced, and until you see it on the Cure's official website, Facebook, or Twitter, no matter what the media & promoters swear to, it is not confirmed.
(Thanks @Pjotrke)

And just to make it all the more comical, this article (English) is sticking with the April dates, and claiming an announcement will be made on Saturday (Jan. 19th). (Thanks Moisés)

Update (Jan. 25th, 2013):  2 new articles, from Popload (English) and Cancha General (English), are now claiming that the official announcement will be made on Saturday or Monday at the latest. Keep in mind that this will be the 3rd time that this announcement was supposed to be made, so be optimistic, but don't hold your breath. The articles claim the delay in announcing the tour are due to the band adding more dates to the tour. Instead of just playing in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, the article claims that shows have been added in Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay. Is any of this actually true? Guess we'll find out on Monday. (Thanks Perfect.Murder and @biva77)

And now this article (English) says the announcement of the show in Chile will happen on Jan. 29th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Santiago. (Thanks Mad Bob RJS) 

Update (Jan. 26th, 2013): This article says The Cure are confirmed for Bogota, Colombia on April 19th. And here's a TV report about that. Popload runs down what they know, what they think they know, and what they hope they know. (Thanks @biva77, @Lilialoman)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New interview with Lol

Part 1 of a new interview with Lol from "It's a Strange World...with Frank Cronogue" has been posted here.

Update (Jan. 21st, 2013): And here at long last is part 2 of the interview. In it, Lol mentions that Robert told him that the 'Reflections' DVD would be out by Christmas. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Update (Jan. 23rd, 2013):Lol posted this note to clarify what he said about the 'Reflections' DVD possibly coming out last Christmas - "We had to use Skype for the recent interview I did for "Its A Strange World With Frank Cronogue" as I live in Los Angeles and Frank's in London. Unfortunately ( as you can probably hear) it sometimes mangles words or dips them out entirely.
So when Frank asked me about the release of A DVD of The Reflections show the crucial word in my answer got mangled a bit ! So, in my reply with regards to a DVD release "Robert wrote to me recently and he said is HOPING by Christmas this year" The crucial word here is "hoping" but I realize you have to listen hard to catch that! .Sorry for any confusion! Of course when it is actually released you will find out first from"

Penelope Farmer and The Cure

Penelope Farmer (author of Charlotte Sometimes) recounts her dealings and meeting with The Cure.
Part 1 - The Cure(d)
Part 2 - The Cure(d): Robert Smith For Ever...
(Thanks Lisa)

Note: This was first posted way back on May 8th, 2008, but as it has come up again today, via BBC 6 Music and Marc Gascoigne, I thought it was worth a repost.
(Thanks Chris, @ghostfinder, and @moggieboy)

Update: You can listen to the show that Penelope Farmer attend (Earl's Court, London on May 31st, 1996) here. (Thanks pvox)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Robert interview on RTS

Swiss radio RTS will air an interview with Robert Smith, recorded at the Paléo festival last Summer. Listen to Part 1 here (41 min in) and Part 2 here. (Thanks Thierry)

Thanks to Perfect.Murder for posting a translation/summation of the interview. Read it here.

Roger updates

Roger has updated his website with news about his current projects.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cure on Radio Veronica's 80s Top 880 list

Radio Veronica compiled a list of the Top 880 songs of the 80s, and The Cure placed 6 songs in the list:
11. A Forest
161. Lullaby
235. Boys Don't Cry
422. Inbetween Days
495. Why Can't I Be You
673. Close To Me
(Thanks @Pjotrke)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Robert cover & Cure article in iPop magazine

Robert cover & a Cure article in the new issue of iPop magazine (English).

(Thanks The Cure Rarities)

New music from Roger & Adam Donen

From Roger on Facebook: "Very proud to announce that we will be premiering our suite Bernhard with this orchestra in Germany and London in October. Adam and I are obviously very very excited by this opportunity to work with such a fantastic group of musicians... More news to follow."