Saturday, October 25, 2008

4:13 Release Party in Cambridge, Ma.

TT The Bear's Place is having a 4:13 Dream listening party from 9-10pm tonight, followed by a "Heroes" Halloween costume party.
(Thanks Kate)

4:13 at midnight in NYC

The Virgin Megastore in Times Square will be selling 4:13 Dream at 11:30/Midnight on Oct. 27th/28th. (Thanks Sofia)

HDNet preview

Geffen (of all places!) has a clip of The Only One from the HDNet show. (Thanks Jon)
Also at HDNet. (Thanks c0sm0kramer5b)
And on YouTube. (Thanks Aaron)

More UK reviews

A second review from The Times (4/5).
And a review from The Sunday Times (2/5).
The Financial Times (2/5).
(Thanks Kate and JC)

EndgadgetHD mentions the HDNet show

EndgadgetHD has a brief article about the HDNet show.
(Thanks Chris)

4:13 out in the UK!

4:13 Dream is available at the HMV in Manchester.
(Thanks Deadboycraved)

Friday, October 24, 2008

4:13 is out in Finland/Netherlands

The Dream has begun in Helsinki, Finland. The album is available at Stupido Shop. (Thanks Antii)

Out in Heerlen, The Netherlands, too. (Thanks Marco)

4:13 Stream at Cure Myspace

Stereogum has a story about 4:13 streaming at the Cure's Myspace page, starting tomorrow. (Thanks Scott/Monkeybutt)

Update: Full album is now streaming.

Cure on TV

VH1 UK has The Cure: VH1 Midnight Live scheduled for midnight on Oct. 28th/29th. Not sure if this is an edited down Rome show, Valencia, or something else. (Thanks Crystal/CPG2)

MTV France has a 20 minute Cure special on Oct. 26th at 11:25. Looks to be the Valencia show from March 5th, 2008.
(Thanks Carole)

More 4:13 reviews

US - nerd [heart] geek (8/10)
France - Les Culturelles (3/4)
(Thanks Paul and Carole)

4:13 out in Washington, DC!

"Melody Records in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. is selling the new album on sale for $13.99. I just bought it and its excellent."

New version of Join the Dots?

"Yesterday I was in Munich, Germany, and I've found a very strange version of Join the Dots, the same box but smaller and fatter, with the same 4 cds and book! They said it was a new release!" (Thanks Fabio)

Update: Not so new. Been out for over a year.

UK tv advert for 4:13

The UK tv advert for 4:13 Dream. (Thanks Chris)
Download the Mp4 of the ad. (Thanks Aaron)

4:13 is out in Poland

"I want to tell you that in Poland (central europe) 4:13 is already available. There are a lot of it in Empik Store."
(Thanks Koalonomix)

UK reviews of 4:13

London Evening Standard (4/5), Mojo Magazine (3/5)
(Thanks JC)

More 4:13 reviews

Germany - MBeat (9/10), Taz (positive), Die Zeit (negative).
France - Premonition
US - Beacon News (semi-review)
(Thanks TheVinc, Thomas, Kate )

4:13 Dream out in Belgium, Italy

The Dream has been released in Belgium: "During a 1 hour break at uni right now, i took the opportunity to check out if the new Cure had already arrived at a small record shop nearby (Free Record Shop in Ixelles), and my heart skipped a beat as it appeared it did! I asked the shopkeeper when it had arrived, and he said this very morning. God, i feel like i'm holding a brick of pure gold in my hands! If General Relativity weren't so damn interesting, i'd be hopping my way to my stereo right now! ;) Can't wait to give this disc a spin!!!" (Thanks Laurent and Pascal)

Out at Caroline Music in Brussels. (Thanks Gian)

And in Italy, too: "the album is out in Italy! fnac had it priced for 17.90 Euros." (Thanks Marco)

4:13 reviews from Germany/Austria

German reviews - Whiskey Soda (2 out of 6, with 1 being best), Metal Glory (8 out 10), Triggerfish (4 out of 6). And one from Austria - Krone (8.5 out of 10). (Thanks Syrex)

4:13 on iTunes Italy

4:13 Dream is now available on iTunes Italy. (Thanks FMJews)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

4:13 is out in Mexico

On sale at Mix Up stores in Mexico City and Chiapas. And at Sanborns stores.
(Thanks Mr. Pink Eyes, Mad Bob, and JR Huato)

Guardian reviews 4:13

The Guardian gives 4:13 a 4 out of 5. (Thanks Beau)

Tech info on HDNet show

Broadcast Newsroom has an article with some info on the recording of the HDNet show in Charlotte.

Election 08: a Play For Today?

"I just found this post on the blog of Westword (the local hipster newspaper), relating "Play for Today" to the presidential election. Apparently this is a post to their Cure-themed column called "Fascination Street." (Thanks V)

The Times reviews 4:13

The Times gives 4:13 its first bad review. 2 out of 5.
(Thanks Kate)

4:13 is out in Australia

Sanity in Perth is selling 4:13 Dream early. (Thanks Jo)
And so is JB HiFi. (Thanks Swifty)
Keep those retail reports coming in.

More 4:13 Dream reviews

BBC, Sputnikmusic, Planet Sound (Ch. 4 teletext), Rev. Heron, and Stephen Sarro have reviews of 4:13 Dream.
(Thanks Beau, boc, Benj, Diana/cure_kitty, Rev. Heron, Alastair)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

EW reviews 4:13

Entertainment Weekly gives a B to 4:13 Dream. (Thanks V)

4:13 promo poster in Spain

Here's a photo of a 4:13 Dream promo poster in Bilbao, Spain. (Thanks StrangETimeS)

Watsons dedicate JLH to Billy Bragg

"Last night I attended the Billy Bragg concert in Somerville, MA (which was brilliant). The Watson Twins opened the show. About half way through their set, they dedicated a song to Billy Bragg and his traveling companions - and the song they dedicated? Just Like Heaven. Quite different to hear that song done on acoustic guitar with harmonica, keyboard and their soft folksy harmonies. I attribute this positive Cure energy to my wearing a Cure t-shirt to the show..." (Thanks RubyAlison)

NME previews 4:13

NME is streaming 60 second preview clips of 4:13 Dream.

4:13 poster in Planète Saturn

Some photos of a 4:13 Dream promo poster at Planète Saturn in Lyon, France. (Thanks Romuald)

Rome show DVD on Dime

"I've just found that the complete version of Coca-Cola Live is now up on Dime. It's in the DVD format and includes the interview at the beginning." (Thanks Junko)

NME reviews 4:13 Dream

They give the album an 8 out of 10. Here's a scan of the review. (Thanks Matt and JC/Perfect.Murder)

Exclusive interview with NME

Robert has posted an update at the official site. Exclusive interview with NME, on sale Oct. 29th.

Daily Collegian reviews 4:13 Dream

The praise continues. The Daily Collegian gives it 8 out of 10.

4:13 Dream out in Peru

"The album is out in Phantom record stores in Lima, Peru. Its included in the weekly mag, price: 44.90 nuevos soles, (14.50 usd). Here you can see the cd listed for sale. By the way its the Colombian edition." (Thanks Arielcc)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4:13 Dream $9.99 at Best Buy

Best Buy will have 4:13 Dream for $9.99 next week, and it will be in their ad this sunday. Circuit City and Target don't have it listed in their ads. (Thanks to Speedy1961 @ DVDTalk)

4:13 Dream release parties in Canada

Chartattack has the dates for the Canadian release parties:
Oct. 23 Calgary, AB @ Bamboo Tiki Lounge
Oct. 24 Vancouver, BC @ Honey Lounge
Oct. 24 Edmonton, AB @ Halo Lounge
Oct. 25 Toronto, ON @ The Mod Club
Oct. 25 Montreal, QC @ Jupiter Room
Oct. 26 Ottawa, ON @ Babylon
Oct. 29 Victoria, BC @ Smiths Pub
You can win t-shirts and cds at the events.
(Thanks Kate)

Flyer for Roger's show

Here's a flyer for Roger's show in Guadalajara on Nov. 22nd. (Thanks Conrado)

French ad for 4:13 Dream

Here's an ad from the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles.(Thanks Jerome C.)

UK TV advert for 4:13 Dream!

"Not sure what channel I was watching, weirdly I think it might have been during MASH on Paramount Comedy 2 or something (so UK cable), but I just caught an advert for the album! Sounded like Steve Lamacq doing the voiceover, general montage of the artwork, usual sort of thing." (Thanks Chris)

If anyone has more info, or the actual clip, please let me know.

4:13 Dream party in Seattle

4:13 Dream Release Party/Happy Hour
Thursday, October 23rd, 5-7pm
Nectar Lounge 412 N 36th St Freemont, Seattle, USA
FREE - 21+
Come hear the new album from The Cure before it is released next week!
Complimentary Drinks from Geffen Records as supplies last!
Prizes & Give-a-ways from The Cure!
(Thanks Diana/cure_kitty)

Cure party in Moscow

"Russian Official CloseToCure Fan Club and Strangel Club present: The Cure 3:11 Dream Party, dedicated to the release of the new Cure album! The party will take place in Moscow, Russia, on 3rd of November 2008 from 8 p.m. till 6 a.m.
Bands: Mother Theresa, Shaiba & Skotobaza, The Forced Ocsilations. After the live show Djs Insecure, Sam and Mussolini will make your feet ache!
Address: Moscow, Ryazansky prospect, 2B (first floor of the shopping-mall "Odon")."
(Thanks Olga)

Spiegel reviews 4:13 Dream

"Speigel gives 4:13 a rating of 7 out of 10. The author likes "Underneath the Stars" and compares it to "Plainsong" and "Out of this World". He does not like "Freakshow" but thinks "The Real Snow White" is a mixture of sadness and exuberance. He is positively surprised that the album does not end up with a depressive song. All in all, a fairly positive review." (Thanks Thomas)

Cure Widget

4:13 Dream stream at MTV

MTV is now streaming 60 second clips of 4:13 Dream. Enjoy! (Thanks Aaron)

Maneater reviews 4:13 Dream

Maneater likes it, too. Go Cure! But UTS "dreary"? Wtf?

A call for 4:13 Dream reviews

If you've listened to the album, and want to write up a review, I'd love to collect them and post them all on the 4:13 Dream reviews page. You can e-mail them, or just post in this thread and I'll copy them. Thanks!
And if you see any reviews online, or in magazines & newspapers, please send them in. Thanks again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

4:13 Dream listening party in Chicago

4:13 Dream @ Atomic New Wave Dance Party
Thursday October 23, 2008
10pm - 4am
2350 N. Clark
Chicago, IL, 60614
listen to the new album at 10:15pm!!!!
(Thanks Kamar)

JLH cover on True Blood

"There was a cover of Just Like Heaven last night on HBO's show True Blood during the opening scene that I have never heard before and the credits didn't mention soundtrack info. Female voice sounded like Natalie Merchant. If you could find out who did the cover I would really appreciate it. It was episode 7 of True Blood entitled "Burning House of Love"." (Thanks Allan)

Update: That would be The Watson Twins. (Thanks Roboterkampf)

Ask Robert update

From the official site:
UPDATE: We have received 10,000 questions (Thank you!) and have reached the breaking point. The "Ask Robert" email is now closed. Stay tuned for Robert's answers.

I think it might take a few days to go through all of those questions. : )

COS talks Rome, 4:13 Dream

Consequence of Sound has an article about the show in Rome, and likes what they've heard of 4:13 Dream. (Thanks Alfio)

Robert talks about ISC

From All About Jazz:
ISC judge Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, talks about his participation in the competition. “Judging the competition, I was astounded at the quality and range of abilities on show - the originality, honesty, and depth of so many of the words, the charm, vivacity, and catchiness of the tunes, and the often staggering energy, skill, and intensity of the performances - the talent left me at times breathless! Judging ISC was a real pleasure." (Thanks Kate)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roger and Erin live in London

Here's a video of Roger and Erin performing Treasure at last night's show at the Hayward Gallery.
(Thanks Help Stamp Out Loneliness)

4:13 Dream CD photos

I've added some photos of the 4:13 Dream cd.

Charts Update

Hypnagogic States
France Top 100 - down to #57 from #55 (5th week)
Spain Top 20 - stays at #2 (5th week)
Europe Top 100 - down to #90 from #71

(Thanks Pietro)

Win the 4Singles and Hypnagogic ep

"Universal France and are organizing a contest to win the 4 singles and the EP "Hypnagogic states". Sorry it's in french but you could find someone to translate."

(Thanks T.)

4:13 Dream!

I've moved my thoughts on 4:13 Dream to the reviews page.