Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cure voted 8th best at Glastonbury

The Cure's 1990 show was voted 8th best in Glastonbury history. Read the full story in the comments. (Thanks Andy)
Videos from the show - Shake Dog Shake / A Strange Day / A Night Like This / Catch / Pictures of You / Fascination Street / Lullaby / Dressing Up / Same Deep Water As You / Lament / Just Like Heaven / The Walk / Primary / Inbetween Days.
(Thanks Lane/CureFM)
Get the Never Enough bootleg of the show here - Part 1 / 2 or here - Part 1 / 2. (Thanks T.U.B.E.)

Disintegration Deluxe in the charts

US - entered the Billboard Top 200 at #92, out (2nd week).
1st week sales were 5,197 (the lion’s share of which was on physical CD). An additional 1,471 digital downloads were sold during the previous two weeks, bringing total sales to 6,668 so far. (Thanks Friend of CoF)
US - enters the Billboard Top Catalog albums at #4, out (2nd week).
Italy - entered at #47, out (2nd week).
Germany - entered at #61, out (2nd week).
Belgium - entered at #41, out (2nd week).
France - entered at #90, #137 (2nd week), #170 (3rd week), out (4th week).
UK - entered at #68, out (2nd week).
(Thanks Bob, Peter, Lindsey and Aaron)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Interpol dates in North America

Update 4: Nov. 5th in NYC at United Palace Theatre. Tickets on sale July 1st at 10am.

Pittsburgh - Success / Summer Well / C'mere / Lights
Buffalo - Success / Narc / NYC / Summer Well

Update 3: Matador says the album release has been pushed up a week to Sept. 7th, and confirms that more US dates will be added this Autumn. (Thanks coslive)

Update 2:
Listen to the new songs, 'Success' and 'Summer Well', from the Rochester show, and download the complete show here - Part 1 / Part 2.

Full list of dates here, and the video for 'Lights' has just been posted for downloading or watch it here.

Not on the list yet, but here are 2 confirmed shows for later in the year:
Oct. 16th - Mexico City (Capital Festival)
Oct. 29th, 30th or 31st - New Orleans, LA. (Voodoo Fest)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still no Disintegration in Australia?

Update: In stock now at JB HIFI. (Thanks Ben)

What's the problem? First the shipment was delayed, now it's on back order? Come on, Universal, get it together!
"Take the June 18th date down. The latest from the stores is it's been put on back order as the record company has now run out of stock...among other stories. I've heard so many of them now. None of them really have the faintest idea what is going on. Can anybody shed some light as to what the hell has happened?!?? I wonder what RS would say about this if he got wind of it?" (Thanks notherbob)