Friday, May 21, 2010

Sampler update from Rhino

"For those that pre-ordered The Cure's "Disintegration Deluxe" - samplers will be shipped today. Only a few samplers left - get one before it's gone!"

Disintegration Deluxe vinyl & CD photos

Thanks to Deadboycraved for the vinyl photos and to Aaron for the CD photos. Here's the run off groove info from the vinyl:
Side A - It's just the way I smile
Side B - said
Side C - How the end...
Side D - ...always is

Win Disintegration Deluxe prize packs

Update: Got the answers I needed from Rhino, so the CoF contest will be up later today.

While we wait for Rhino to clear a couple things for our contest, head over to Slicing Up Eyeballs for a chance to win 1 of 5 prize packs.

Disintegration store reports (Europe)

Have you found Disintegration early in any stores? Or already received it in the mail? If so, please let us know where. Thanks!

- Perfect Murder reports that HMV Oxford Street will only have 20 copies of the vinyl, and HMV Bond Steet will only have 3.
- 7chopper7 reports that the CD and vinyl are out at Tower Records in Dublin.
- Aaron reports that Amazon UK started shipping on the 19th, and received his today (21st).
- DroidAKov reports that Mono in Glasgow have it out since yesterday (20th).
- Stefan has his from CeDe in Switzerland.
- Lars reports that it is available now on iTunes Norway.
- Multiple reports say that Amazon Germany are shipping today (20th).
- Harry reports that Universal UK started shipping on the 19th.
- Deadboycraved received the vinyl in the mail today (19th) from HMV.
- Moontear reports that the Saturn store in Dresden, Germany has had it in stock since Monday (17th). Can't officially sell it until Friday, but if you ask them kindly, they might let you buy it early.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disintegration article from The Word

Andrew Collins writes about Disintegration in this article from The Word (June 2010). (Thanks JC)

Rhino Disintegration poster & contest

Thanks to Nikki @ Rhino, we will be giving away 3 Disintegration Deluxe prize packs, each containing the 3 CD set, the 3x3x3 sampler, and the promo poster you see here. Details on the contest are coming soon, just need to check with Rhino about a couple of things.

Erin Lang's album available now

Quick break from our wall-to-wall Disintegration coverage to bring you this update from Roger on Twitter: "@erinlang 's debut album You Are Found was just delivered and is available from 99 Times out of 10 Records for only £10!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samplers still available from Rhino

According to this ad on the Rhino Records Facebook page, they still have 200 copies of the sampler left. So if you haven't ordered yet, it isn't too late. Which is pretty surprising and a little disappointing.
Update: Down to 100 left.

Disintegration font

A special gift from the creators of one of my favorite Cure websites of all time, Plainsong. Their excellent version of the Disintegration font. Read more info in the comments.
(Thank you David F. and Jérôme C.)

Same Deep Water As You (Live)

"Exclusive stream of The Cure's 'Same Deep Water As You (Live)' from the upcoming Disintegration Deluxe is now live."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dave Allen on BBC 6 Music

Update 3: Listen to it on iPlayer (starts at 1:08:42) or download it here and here. (Thanks Aaron, Marc70, Marcin and David)

Update 2: IGA has posted about this at the official site.

This should be interesting, as Dave and Robert have very different memories about who saved the lyrics in the fire. : ) And while Andrew says he doubts RS will call in, "The fire will be mentioned. And the acid."

"Dave Allen who produced Disintegration will be speaking live with Andrew Collins on BBC 6 Music this Wednesday 19th May at 2pm. If you have any questions about the making of the album for Dave you can email them to"
(Thanks Sarah and Andrew)

Alternative Rarities working again

After suffering some problems for a few days, the Alternative Rarities 1988-1989 player at the Disintegration microsite is up and running again. But the downloading of the wallpapers, and email registration, still don't work for me.

Disintegration release parties and events

May 21st - Paris, France (A Pink Dream) - "You have to register on A Pink Dream. Only 20 persons would be able to go, and Universal France will offer some presents for those who will come."

May 23rd - Leipzig, Germany (Wilco)

May 27th - Chicago, Il. (Atomic New Wave Dance Party)

If you are hosting an event, or know about one not listed here, please let me know. Thanks.

Win Disintegration and RS autograph

"5 CDs and one "Disintegration cover" signed by Robert to win on We are also organizing an exclusive "listening party" on next friday in Paris. Just check A Pink Dream." (Thanks Toberr)

Fascination Street tour

Wed May 19th - Voodoo Lounge, Hotel Rio - Las Vegas NV
Thur May 20th - Audie's Olympic - Fresno CA
Fri May 21st - Chrome Lotus - Santa Rosa CA
Sat May 22nd - Slim's - San Francisco CA (Thanks Sean)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slightly longer Lullaby demo

The 'Lullaby (RS Home Instrumental Demo)' on 'Alternative Rarities 1988-1989' is 6 seconds shorter than the version posted on the old 'Greatest Hits' microsite, which has a longer intro. If you want it, I have it here, along with all of the other 'Hits' microsite bonus tracks. Also note that the 'Hits' version of 'Pictures of You (RS Home Demo)' is 4:42, while the 'Rarities' version is 3:31. Edit? Different demo?
(Thanks to Andreas for pointing this out)