Saturday, March 12, 2011

Watch Roger live in his studio

Roger did an electronic rehearsal in his studio tonight. Watch it here. He will be doing a half hour of improvised piano at 3pm (UK time) tomorrow, March 13th.

Update: Here's Sunday's piano improv. It starts at 14:22. And thanks for the little surprise, Roger. Such happy memories from that.

Update 2: Another live session and a taped interview segment Sunday night (3/13) at 7:30pm UK time. Okay, the live show is over now, but you can watch it here. (Thanks Aaron)

Cure #20 on Just Press Play's Top 100 artists

The Cure come in at #20 on Just Press Play's Fifty Years of Great Music: The Top 100 Artists. (Thanks Kate)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Underneath The Stars autographed print

Available on ebay (both prints now sold) or from St. Paul's Gallery.

"The Cure Underneath The Stars (from the album 4:13 Dream)
Official Signed Limited Edition Fine Art Print - Signed By Robert Smith + Tim Wakefield

Robert Smith chose Underneath The Stars from the Cure's album 4:13 Dream as his Soundwave. Robert Smith chose this image saying "it looks like the stars exploding in the night sky". The artist says "The Cure are one of my favourite bands and working on this gave me the chance to catch up on so much new material. Underneath the Stars was a perfect choice for the artwork and it worked so well". The prints are available now in a limited run of only 50 prints World Wide." (Thanks Aaron)

HispaCure 7th anniversary party

Hispacure, the Cure fanclub in Spain, are celebrating their 7th anniversary this Saturday, March 12th, in Valencia, Spain. Details about the party can be found here in the comments, and at their website. Congratulations to Ivan & our friends at HispaCure, and thank you for the help and support over the years! Cheers!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking Back: The Cure in 1991

Andrew Boe has written a great article on The Cure in 1991 for Three Imaginary Girls. Really enjoyed reading that. Let's hope Robert is aware of our love for that era of The Cure, and includes as much material from it as possible, on the 'Wish' remastered set. (Thanks Andrew)

Rihanna "samples" LGTB

As Perfect.Murder first mentioned in the Lady Gaga thread, Rihanna has also "sampled" The Cure for her song 'S&M'. Listen at 2:31, and again towards the end of the song. Clearly a bit of 'Let's Go To Bed'. (Thanks Perfect.Murder and Joanne)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boris sighting!

Not exactly sure what/where this is, but it's a very brief video of Boris Williams, posted on Facebook by Dy Pillbox. The english translation is "Boris Williams (The Cure) playing on one of my demos for the process." Always so nice to see Boris!

Update: For Sofia...and others without Facebook. : ) And for those who missed it last May, here are some photos of Boris playing in Paris last year.

'Pornography' radio special in Italy

"I'm Richard Marra of Radio Zammù (Italy). I am writing to alert readers of Chain of Flowers that today at 6 pm, "Discocracy" will speak of Pornography by The Cure. We'll revisit the themes of the disc of 1982 and listen to the most significant tracks. Leading the editorial staff of, Italian musical webzine."
(Thanks Richard)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

Wherever you're celebrating across the world, or even if you're trapped in some sad place that doesn't celebrate, but you have the spirit, have a very Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Entreat Plus for Record Store Day?

We might finally have an answer about the cancellation of the 'Entreat Plus' vinyl release in North America - it was being saved for Record Store Day 2011? Sunshine Records in Canada has it listed as a RSD exclusive. (Thanks Shawn)

Update (3/7/11): Just got confirmation from David at Sunshine Records: "The Cure Entreat Plus has been listed as an RSD title by Warner. A bunch of releases that were cancelled earlier are now coming as RSD titles."

Update 2 (3/23/11): Well the RSD release sheet doesn't have 'Entreat Plus' listed, so the mystery continues. I've heard that this isn't the final, set in stone list, and there's more that may be added (for instance, the list is also missing the Interpol 2011 remix EP that Matador Records has mentioned), so we'll wait and see. (Thanks We Listen For You)

Cure covers

Warm Ghost has a cover of 'All Cats Are Grey' on their new EP 'Uncut Diamond'. (Thanks Chris)