Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roger comes clean...finally! : )

(Thanks to April for the photo)

"Yes I am on stage playing with the band again and hopefully 15 minutes in I haven’t played any wrong notes!

Robert asked me about a month ago to play Bestival and I was very happy to say yes. Playing these songs again, old friends, being up on stage with Robert, Simon and Jason who are really family to me, it is all right.

Looking forward I’m sure there will be lots of exciting Cure projects in the future which I am very excited to be a part of again... "

And on Twitter: "I never lied but was less generous with the truth than normal! Thanks for all the messages! I'm very happy to be back! Good things coming!"

Welcome back, Roger! It has been far too long, and we missed you tremendously!

The Cure live at Bestival

Setlist, show notes and photos moved here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Robert interview in the Guardian Guide

The interview that Robert gave to The Guardian will run in the Guardian Guide this Saturday.

Update: In this article entitled "What should The Cure play at Bestival?", we get a preview of the interview. (Thanks lovecat)

Update 2: The interview is up! (Thanks Heron) And here are scans of the article. (Thanks John)

NME is also running a story based on this interview.

And if you missed Robert's recent Hot Press interview, the scans from Keith are here.

Bestival program

Thanks to April for the photo. April & Heron also sent photos of the Bestival wristbands and from the fan meetup.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cure shirts at Bestival

Thanks to Maggie for the photo. She also sent a few shots from around the festival grounds.

Update on the Ferris Bueller score story

A followup on that story about Robert writing an unused score for Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "There is a very good book about John Hughes called "You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried." Came out about a year ago and talks about this specific issue. It is true that John's music supervisor at the time of Ferris was close with Robert and sent him the famous scene where the characters are going through the Chicago Museum of Art and Robert did indeed write a piece of Instrumental Music for the scene. Apparently John Hughes wanted his music supervisor to work for him exclusively but this guy worked for a big record label and said that it was not possible. So John Hughes fired him and with him went the piece the Robert wrote for the film. A new music supervisor was hired with no relationship with Robert and a new band was brought in to score the scene." (Thanks DVosskuhler)

Bestival TV, 3D, Radio & Photo Gallery

Sky TV Schedule
09th Sept - 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
10th Sept - 01:00 (Sky 3D), 15:00 (Sky 3D), 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
11th Sept - 03:00 (Sky 3D), 13:00 (Sky 1), 19:00 (Sky 3D), 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
12th Sept - 01:00 (Sky 3D), 19:00 (Sky 3D)
Kicking off at 3pm on Sky 3D, Saturday will be a dizzying display of Rock Stars, Pop Stars & Divas featuring The Cure, live! Yes! The Cure, LIVE!
If you’re joining us at Bestival, don’t feel left out of our super-modern 3D TV party, you can still relive those golden Robin Hill moments once again with an extra highlights show brimming with Bestival goodness on Sat 17th Sept on both Sky Arts 1 & Sky 3D.

Photo Gallery
"We have a new Photo Gallery going live from tomorrow evening which will be updated daily with live shots of artists, stages, arenas and all things weird and wonderful around the site."

Bestival Radio
Tune in via 87.7FM, & East Village Radio.
All info from the Bestival newsletter. (Thanks lovecat and Aaron)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rob da Bank talks with The Guardian

From The Guardian:
What will make Bestival 2011 special?
Rob: Two and a half hours of the Cure on Saturday, for me.

How did you bag Bjork and the Cure?
Rob: They've always been on the wish list, particularly the Cure. The Cure have always been in the top two or three. I've been in contact with Robert Smith via email and through his agent for a number of years and it's nearly happened two or three times but I've since found out how thorough Robert Smith is, in a very positive way. He doesn't agree to do things unless he thinks it's going to be absolutely the right thing and he plans it to the nth degree. They're my boyhood band.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Countdown to Bestival

Rob da Bank's Countdown to Bestival video blog for NME - Part 1, 2, 3,

The Cure's set time will be from 9:30PM - 12AM, according to Rob da Bank on the Sunday Best forum. (Thanks lovecat)

Photo of Robert stage art posted by @RobdaBank on Twitter. And this - "i take it The Cure wont be playing Prayers For Rain this weekend "

Rob talks to Retford Trader & Guardian: “I’ve been after The Cure for seven years so I was delighted when they finally gave in,” he admits. “They’re going to be playing two and a half hours on the Saturday night so cant wait for that. You’re getting two of the best back catalogues of any artists I can think of with The Cure and Bjork - so many hits and classic tracks, and with Bjork a lot of theatre.” (Thanks David)

For those looking to buy or sell tickets, Bestival asks that you only use Ticket Trust.

Cure at Bestival on Q TV

In addition to coverage on SkyArts, Q TV (Sky 364 Virgin 33) will also have some Cure at Bestival highlights.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)