Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bestival TV, 3D, Radio & Photo Gallery

Sky TV Schedule
09th Sept - 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
10th Sept - 01:00 (Sky 3D), 15:00 (Sky 3D), 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
11th Sept - 03:00 (Sky 3D), 13:00 (Sky 1), 19:00 (Sky 3D), 22:00 (Sky Arts 1)
12th Sept - 01:00 (Sky 3D), 19:00 (Sky 3D)
Kicking off at 3pm on Sky 3D, Saturday will be a dizzying display of Rock Stars, Pop Stars & Divas featuring The Cure, live! Yes! The Cure, LIVE!
If you’re joining us at Bestival, don’t feel left out of our super-modern 3D TV party, you can still relive those golden Robin Hill moments once again with an extra highlights show brimming with Bestival goodness on Sat 17th Sept on both Sky Arts 1 & Sky 3D.

Photo Gallery
"We have a new Photo Gallery going live from tomorrow evening which will be updated daily with live shots of artists, stages, arenas and all things weird and wonderful around the site."

Bestival Radio
Tune in via 87.7FM, & East Village Radio.
All info from the Bestival newsletter. (Thanks lovecat and Aaron)


  1. I don't get what he means about The Cure & PJ Harvey live - the Sky 3D show only goes from 3-5pm, according to the tv guide, then it has live football. The Sky Arts one doesn't start till 10pm, so I'm really not sure how much Cure there will be.

    From previous festivals they've covered, the 10pm one is usually 2 hours of the day's highlights, and only has a couple of songs from each band.

    We might be better off with the broadcast on Q TV tbh - shame I don't have any of the channels.

  2. Putting this out there: if there is anyway I can watch this here in the USA, I will try to capture it. But if not, I hope someone in the UK is doing us a favor.

  3. Andy, I can't even find a way to watch any of these channels online in the UK, so I very much doubt you'll be able to get them over there. They're all subscription only cable channels.

    I do hope we have someone taping it, i've heard a few people who might do it on CCC but nothing concrete I don't think :/

  4. There usually is somebody filming, even if they are not known to the community.
    I would hope so.

    And Danny, this could be special just for this event and maybe only 1 or 2 live songs. Who knows, but I hope the audio is better than previous efforts from Sky Arts haha!

  5. Yet another example of how difficult it is to see The Cure these days unless you are rich