Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009


Aversion has A Night Like This as their Vintage Video today. (Thanks Kate)

The Watson Twins' cover of Just Like Heaven was used in this week's episode of Fringe (Episode #11 - Bound). You can see/hear it at the 29:48 mark here. (Thanks JP and Scott)

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday, and said he loved The Cure, and Craig agreed, saying how great they are, but then it took a typical "but have you seen Robert lately?" angle, and Robert got compared to Elizabeth Taylor. You can watch it here at the 31:20 mark.

Would A Pink Dream make WMS better?

Pop Matters says yes, by replacing Club America with A Pink Dream. (Thanks Kate)

Alkaline Trio covers Cut Here

Alkaline Trio covered Cut Here for MySpace Transmissions. They have audio, video, and a clip of them explaining why they covered the song. They also covered The Exploding Boy on their self-titled album, which you can listen to on their MySpace page. (Thanks JoeLom)

Death Cab covers Lovesong

NME reports that Death Cab For Cutie has covered Lovesong for a Starbucks Valentine cd. (Thanks JC)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Real Robert Smith

Geffen has posted a note from Robert on the official site, warning about the growing number of idiots who are going around pretending to be RS. (Thanks Mad Bob and V)

Update on 4Singles sales in the US

Here are the latest (as of Jan. 16th) official Soundscan numbers for the 4Singles:

The Only One - total so far: 9,130 / last week: 54 sold
Freakshow - total so far: 8,890 / last week: 84 sold
Sleep When I'm Dead - total so far: 7,408 / last week: 37 sold
The Perfect Boy - total so far: 6,214 / last week: 55 sold
(Thanks Peter)

London O2 tickets for sale

"I have 3 tickets for the London show to sell. Seat location: section BK 419, row K, seats 910-912. I just want the money I paid for the tickets. It is around 50 €each Ticket. We don't have them now but we have the confirmation email. So it would be the best to give them direct before the show to the one who wants them ( I will be there). I don't want them to sell via ebay or a ticket dealer that is why I am asking." (Thanks Shellheart/Karina)

New Cure tattoos

See the new ink for Michael H., Remi, Oscar and Carlos.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O2 lineup now complete

NME reports that Franz Ferdinand have been added to the Shockwaves NME Big Gig show on Feb. 26th, and that the lineup of bands is now complete.

Cure on another Yahoo list

This time it's the 25 Most Deserving Non-Inductees of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. (Thanks Amy W.)

FIIL in new movie trailer - Take 2

On May 28th, 2008, I posted about Friday I'm In Love being used in the movie trailer for He's Just Not That Into You. I guess the release was delayed, since I've been getting a bunch of e-mails about it again. So if you're interested, check out the old post. The movie is finally out on Feb. 6th.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Robert interview

Way back in the bad old days of Oct. 2007, I posted a link to an interview with Robert in Metro Active. But that was just bits and pieces of the full interview, which can now be read on Stereo Warning. And though they posted it in Oct. 08, the interview is from Oct. 07. (Thanks to Rob S. for finding this for us)

Rumor: Cure to play Werchter?

"I was just on Curefans today, and in the top right corner there was a link to this thread about a rumor that The Cure will be playing the Werchter festival this year." (Thanks Emily)

Note: Please understand that this is only a rumor, which started here. No official announcement (either way) has been made. DO NOT buy tickets yet! : )

Rumor: Robert on Sirius XM?

"Last night (Jan. 15th) I heard one of the dj's (didn't catch his name) mention that he was negotiating with Robert Smith to come to the studio for a week and play all Cure songs on Sirius XM's First Wave channel." (Thanks Leslie)

Cure books for sale

"I've posted all my Cure books to ebay (45 total, many quite rare). Auctions end between Thurs and Sat of this week. Collage links - 1 and 2. (Thanks MickelCure)

New design at Cure's MySpace

"This might be old news but -- I was poking around Myspace and noticed that the Cure finally have a new page design!
(Thanks Andrew)

Congratulations to Geri for the nice work!

The Capture (Cure tribute) plays Dallas

The Capture - a tribute to the Cure
Saturday, January 31 @ The Cavern
1914 Greenville, Dallas, TX 75206
Cover is $5 and we should go on at 10:30.
More information at
(Thanks Brian)

Return of the Pink Pig Project

"Hello everyone in PinkPigland! Sorry for this long absence: the pig was in bed curing his leg to be able to run on the streets again. And he is, finally, doing well. I apologize from the heart, but sometimes real life hits you hard and you have to switch off your dreams for a while.

I know I asked for your help, patience and generosity many times before, and I don’t promise this is gonna be the last time I am doing so. You don’t have to promise while into a dream because if you do you take the risk of waking-up forever. Let’s keep the dream alive, this dream of sounds and thoughts, this door to our collective childhood, this healing cloud. Push the train with me, please: we can make it move, we are gonna make it slide into his pink flight.

So, here we go for it, for the whole thing: let’s cover all the new album and singles and complete our beloved Pink Pig Atlas!
The songs from the new album 4:13 Dream will be available for reserving and recording from next Friday the 23rd of January, 2009, 00:00 GMT
Go to the blog and see the list and everything else. Or to the MySpace page. Or to the old web-page (Juan José is going to update it in a few days).

I am happy to be back, hope somebody out there feels happy about Pink Pig too.The piggy needs you, and he will give all of his love to the project as he always did, as you always did. It really never stopped. Believe me. All love. Germán."

Vote for the FIIL shirt

"The very clever and cool Friday I'm In Love teeshirt design on Threadless is a finalist for their Bestee Award for Design of the Year and you can vote for it here. You'll need a Threadless account to vote, but it is easy to sign up." (Thanks Heron)

Robert parody

This is old, but I don't think I ever posted it.

"There was this humour series with this Robert character (together with kenny g!!!). Here and here." (Thanks Oscar)