Monday, January 19, 2009

Rumor: Robert on Sirius XM?

"Last night (Jan. 15th) I heard one of the dj's (didn't catch his name) mention that he was negotiating with Robert Smith to come to the studio for a week and play all Cure songs on Sirius XM's First Wave channel." (Thanks Leslie)


  1. Play ALL CURE SONGS?? that sounds odd.. and i supose they mean play as in 'broadcast', not as in 'performing' either way, i hope it happens

  2. Yes, it would be a guest DJ spot. It has been done for other bands, like Coldplay, The Police, and others.

  3. speaking of coldplay, has anyone heard the new album? the first song, 'Life In Technicolor', there is somehting about that song that strongly reminds me of the wish era, to be more specific, it reminds me of High, and a bit of Letter To Elise and Halo, but you know the wish era in general. i think its the guitar, its very.. wish.

    anyone if anyone has listened to it please let me know if im crazy or not. its been bugging me all week. another strange thing about Coldplay is that the start of The Scientist is very much like the one from Imagine from good old John. maybe its just me

  4. I listen to First Wave all the time so hopefully it happens. Maybe then I will hear more than the same 4 Cure songs they play all the time. With the extensive catalog they have access to for this particular band you'd think they would play more variety.


  5. I can also confirm that over the Christmas holidays on the Sirius XM First Wave channel that the comment was slightly different. The comment, from Richard Blade I believe, stated that he passed Robert in the studio and that he was hoping on getting Robert to guest DJ in the new year for an all Cure show.

    I assumed that the show was recorded back when they were in the LA area for Robert to be in the studio.

    Unfortunately I have not heard anything more since then, so it is good to hear it is still being considered.

  6. pussycat - I made a request the other day to please play some other tracks besides the same ole tired singles. argghhh...

  7. I heard this, too - I think the hopes were getting Robert in sometime in February for a "Cure Week".

    I listen to the channel all the time and although they do play music from The Cure, they just don't play enough of it. Especially on "Dark Wave".

  8. This would be fab.
    First wave rocks.
    Great to hear larry the duck back on the radio, feels like old times, wish they would get more of the LIR crew on the station!

  9. This would certainly give me a reason to finally get XM radio!