Monday, January 19, 2009

Return of the Pink Pig Project

"Hello everyone in PinkPigland! Sorry for this long absence: the pig was in bed curing his leg to be able to run on the streets again. And he is, finally, doing well. I apologize from the heart, but sometimes real life hits you hard and you have to switch off your dreams for a while.

I know I asked for your help, patience and generosity many times before, and I don’t promise this is gonna be the last time I am doing so. You don’t have to promise while into a dream because if you do you take the risk of waking-up forever. Let’s keep the dream alive, this dream of sounds and thoughts, this door to our collective childhood, this healing cloud. Push the train with me, please: we can make it move, we are gonna make it slide into his pink flight.

So, here we go for it, for the whole thing: let’s cover all the new album and singles and complete our beloved Pink Pig Atlas!
The songs from the new album 4:13 Dream will be available for reserving and recording from next Friday the 23rd of January, 2009, 00:00 GMT
Go to the blog and see the list and everything else. Or to the MySpace page. Or to the old web-page (Juan José is going to update it in a few days).

I am happy to be back, hope somebody out there feels happy about Pink Pig too.The piggy needs you, and he will give all of his love to the project as he always did, as you always did. It really never stopped. Believe me. All love. Germán."


  1. whats that pink pig project about?

  2. In 1999 people from all over the world (cure fans, musicians or not) covered all songs Robert has written for The Cure and other side projects and collaborations. That was compiled in a 14CD set and book called Pink Pig Atlas, a pressing of 500 numbered copies: this artefact was presented (in the year 2000) to Robert and The Cure present and past members as a millennium gift from its fans.
    Now the project is being updated with the songs appeared in the 2001-2009 period.
    For more info check
    Thanks for asking and for reading.
    It would be great if you want to get involved.
    Best wishes.

  3. I read a bit on the blog about it, but I'm still a bit in a haze. I'd love to cover one of the songs (those of you who have seen my youtube channel (IFoughtTheLaw369) probably know what i can play) but I'm having trouble deciphering the new 4:13 Dream songs for guitar since there is some chordy baritone work, and lots of wah by Porl's doing. I wish I'd known of this earlier, I would have liked to do a cover of Lament or something. :(

  4. :D i think g and i might attempt the scream!

  5. Pink Pig...Wow, It's been a while! :)

  6. nice to know that pink pig is alive. i will get my compilation this time around.

  7. The Figurehead: forget about deciphering porl and robert's work on 4:13 dream: it's impossible!
    But the spirit of Pink Pig is not in there, it's just in taking part. Do your own personal version of any of the songs, maybe even without using a guitar! I would love to get everyone involved.
    To give an idea of the true spirit behind Pink Pig: a brilliant girl called Lindsey from Illinois took a live tape of the wish tour and karaoked over a bootleg version of From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea. That's the spirit of it all. Yes, besides her there are very professional bands, and loads of different styles, qualities, colours, cultures, etc. The diversity and the passion and love for music is what matters. If we try to beat or emulate Porl's playing we are dead from day one.
    Thanks a lot to all of you for the kind words. Yes, has been a long time and will be nice to see you around again. Next year will be a busy time. I hope.