Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cure Bestival guitar contest

Bestival has teamed up with The Cure and Schecter to offer an exclusively designed guitar to three lucky winners. The guitar of choice for Robert Smith, these beauties have been specially pimped in honour of The Cure’s Bestival 2011 appearance and will be signed by the man himself!

Robert Smith has told us: "The UltraCure limited edition Bestival Curetoon Schecter is the grooviest guitar in the world!"

While Rob da Bank commented: "This guitar is a work of art. Take Robert Smith's favourite guitar, Josie da Bank's ace psychedelic artwork and some fancy printing and this really will be a collectors item. I just wish i could play the guitar!"

And its makers Schecter Guitars say: “We are proud to partner with The Cure for this amazing event! These UltraCure guitars are adorned with special Curetoon/Bestival art which are destined to be a collector's item. The UltraCure, designed by Robert Smith has been his main guitar for both the stage and studio for the past 5 years!”

Robert Smith will draw three names 'out of a hat' backstage just prior to The Cure's Saturday night headline performance, and the Curetoon Schecter guitars will be shipped to the winners once Bestival 2011 has ended.

To win, simply text ‘Cure Guitar’ followed by the answer A, B or C to 70099. What time do The Cure dream?
A) Midnight
B) Noon
C) 4:13

Texts will cost £2, you can enter as many times as you like and best of all, the dosh will be donated to the charity lovecats of Ataxia UK, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and St Catherine's on the Isle of Wight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bernard Sumner on The Cure

"I just wanted to share this article (from the 'Ask Fred' section of the September 2011 edition of Mojo magazine), particularly as it addresses the sophistry perpetuated by the music press that The Cure are merely New Order copyists. There was an accompanying photo of Robert and Lol from 1983 but I considered this superfluous as most fans would have already seen it." (Thanks Dylan)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Robert wrote an unused score for Ferris Bueller?

"I was just watching a video from the Onion's AV club and at the end it says that Robert wrote a score for a scene in Ferris Bueller, but they decided not to use it. I'd never heard of this before and figured I'd share with you." (Thanks Steve)

Update: Thanks to Deadboycraved for pointing this out...In the 'Disintegration' deluxe booklet, Robert mentions being sent various movie clips from studios, hoping to get him to write music for them. And in Mojo's review of the set, they say that 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'' was one of the films he was offered, though it doesn't say he wrote anything for it. Very interesting. If this truly exists, I'd love to hear it.

'Boys Don't Cry' Peel Session on BBC 6

The Peel Sessions version of 'Boys Don't Cry' got an airing on BBC 6 Music's Late Night Jukebox (starts at 1:10:10) last Friday. (Thanks JC/Perfect.Murder)

Cure article in Clash magazine

"I've written a full page Cure trivia 'Stalker' feature for the new issue of national British music mag Clash. Out August 7th." (Thanks Sam)

If anyone can get me a photo or scan of the article, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

'Trilogy' DVD goes Double Platinum

"From the RIAA's searchable database: 'Trilogy' got a double platinum certification in April 2011, which means more than 200,000 copies. It’s the 22nd certification for The Cure in the US, among the 110 I identified worldwide for albums and videos/DVDs (never managed to find reliable information for singles). And it’s also the first multi platinum (or at least the first officially registered one) they get for a long form video/DVD." (Thanks David)

The Cure and Me

Jason Eaton shares his story of growing up a Cure fan. Memories sparked by the 'Reflections' shows. Wonderful! (Thanks Jason)

I've also been meaning to post this, and Walter's recent meeting with Robert has reminded me of it: "I've got a nice Cure story that happens to me during the Dream Tour and would like to share it. It's been 10 years now but I just found the video that I sent to Robert without answer...yet. It was made from a popular soccer TV show that talks about how the supporters are fans of their teams and so on, but I added another idea...hope you like it." (Thanks Walter)

Update: "I just made a radio interview mentioning my story with The Cure and the recent Sydney shows. It's in spanish but as you got lots of spanish readers, thought it can be nice to share. The link is here, and then you have to click on Descargar Emision 193 (31.07.11)." (Thanks Walter)

The Cure vs The Smiths dance party in DC

August 13th at Black Cat in Washington, DC
The Cure vs. The Smiths Dance Party w/ DJs Steve EP, Missguided, Killa K, Krasty McNasty $10 Mainstage / Doors at 9:00.
(Thanks Paivi)