Saturday, December 31, 2011

'Killing an Arab' articles in France

Couple of recent French articles that mention the 'Killing an Arab' "controversy". Allo Music (English) takes a look at racism in English rock, And Novo Press (English) laments the changing of the title to 'Killing Another' on the Bestival CD. (Thanks David)
And as most of you are aware, Robert changed it back to Arab at the recent Reflections shows.

Problems with Cure Trainers?

Charles got this email just before Christmas:
"We are writing to you with regard to the order you have placed with us for The Cure Trainers. We have recently received the Cure Trainers into our warehouse and very sadly they have failed our quality checking process. We are in urgent talks with our suppliers to investigate how to resolve the manufacturing quality. We are aware how long you have been waiting for these items and have therefore taken the decision to refund you for these items today. The money will be in your account immediately but may take up to 5 working days to appear on your statement. Please accept our sincere apologies at having to disappoint you. Rest assured we will get back in contact with you if we achieve a positive outcome and can advise that the trainers are available. Kindest regards, The Sandbag Team"
Did anyone get any? If so, which style?