Saturday, December 31, 2011

'Killing an Arab' articles in France

Couple of recent French articles that mention the 'Killing an Arab' "controversy". Allo Music (English) takes a look at racism in English rock, And Novo Press (English) laments the changing of the title to 'Killing Another' on the Bestival CD. (Thanks David)
And as most of you are aware, Robert changed it back to Arab at the recent Reflections shows.


  1. Tried to comment the article explaining the real story but I'm not sure I convinced the journalist.

  2. I think the changed title and lyrics make the song more powerful.

    The Bestival version with the synths is great. :)

  3. Changing the lyrics is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. Art has alway been referring to art from day 1. Today, we're giving in to the dumbness of people who think that all there is to be known can be found within half a page of Wikipedia scribble...

  4. That would be so boring if Robert never changed any arrangement and never added any new lyrics.

    Imagine no more "Sicilian girls" or "Wait until seven"
    and only 1 version of A Forest ??