Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cure at Hurricane Festival on Palladia

Palladia is showing Hurricane Festival Hour 1, which should feature at least a song or two from The Cure, tonight at midnight eastern, and a few more times over the coming days. Check the schedule here. (Thanks L and @carollo41)

Update: "Lovesong, Friday I'm in love, Wrong Number. Shown in the last segment of the show. Pretty good audio and video." (Thanks Amazin' Jeffus) 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cure in new Sonic Seducer

Robert Smith cover and a Cure article in the December issue of Sonic Seducer. (Thanks Adrienne)

'Trilogy' on Much Music Argentina

Much Music Argentina has been airing 'Trilogy' this month. The next airing is tonight (Nov. 23rd) at 10PM, and they'll air it a few more times in the coming days. Check here for the schedule. (Thanks Emilia)

'Disintegration' one of Ian Rankin's fave albums

From The Quietus: Author Ian Rankin picks 'Disintegration' as one of his 13 favorite albums.
"It's the only album with lyrics that I can write to. It's a great album, but it took me a while to get it. In the early days of The Cure… I tried the early days of The Cure, and thought it was fine, though I loved 'A Forest', I thought that was an amazing track, but the albums didn't always do it for me. I found them a bit cold, there was something quite dry about the sound. But then you get to Disintegration and it's got so much emotion, it's got all these washes of sound. For an album that's quite bleak at its heart, it's insanely beautiful. I think that Robert Smith is completely in control of his material. He knows how he wants this album to sound, he knows how he wants it to look, he really feels the lyrics as he's singing them. It's a completely immersive experience. Again there's a film playing in my head as I listen to it."
(Thanks fmjews and Hugh)