Friday, June 11, 2010

Cure in Rock Band 3, too

Update: Some footage of 'Just Like Heaven' in this trailer.

Last week we found out that 'Fascination Street' will be in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and now word comes that 'Just Like Heaven' will be included in Rock Band 3. This will also be the first game to include keyboard parts, so here's your chance to be a virtual Roger or Lol. : ) Check out the demo video here.

Shawn playing some Cure on WBNY tonight

"In celebration of the release of the deluxe remaster of The Cure's 'Disintegration', I'll be playing a few songs featured on there and the online disc 'Alternative Rarities 1988-1989' during my show tonight on 91.3 WBNY in Buffalo, NY, which normally runs from 11pm-1am ET on Friday nights, but will go an extra hour tonight to accommodate those tracks. I'll be playing one each hour, in addition to other good music which you may enjoy, so listen in if you can either on the radio, or online. I'll be recording the show and posting it online shortly thereafter, so if you can't hear it live, you can listen later. I hope that you enjoy the show!"
(Thanks Shawn)

Posters at Amoeba Music

"Wanted to let you know that Amoeba Music in Hollywood still has lithograph posters and I was able to ask and receive an extra one for my girlfriend." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Porl's guitars for sale

Some of Porl's guitars are for sale through Chandler Guitars.
Schecter 12 String Black Diamond Series Ex-Cure £450
Schecter 12 String Ultra-XII Ex-Cure Black £525
Schecter 6 String White Diamond Series Ex-Cure £450
Schecter Corsair Bigsby Sunburst Ex-Cure £695
Schecter Corsair Bigsby Sunburst Ex-Cure £695
(Thanks Justine)

"Porl playing the same model black 12 string as he has for sale. This is from the Pearl show, playing pictures of you, i think..." (Thanks J.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Posters at Newbury Comics

"FYI for folks in New England, some of the Newbury Comics locations do indeed have the posters. E.G. the Natick location still has about 10 or 12 posters left and they are rolled, not folded. In fact when I got mine there they gave me 2 extra posters because a couple previous purchasers didn't want them. If anybody wants them I'm happy to mail them for the price of the postage."
(Thanks Justin)

Update: "Stopped by the Nashua, NH location today. Out of CDs (was told that they're getting another shipment within the next few days), but they gave me a poster. Didn't see how many were left, but they're there." (Thanks Jocelyn)

Prayer Tour L.A. interview and live clips

Charlie has posted another clip from the Prayer Tour. This one is a KNBC Los Angeles interview with Robert, and includes live clips from the Dodger Stadium show. (Thanks Whiteraven)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Disintegration poster with Amazon orders?

Just checking out the Rhino Facebook page, and noticed a new banner ad that links to Amazon, and says "free poster with purchase". So are Amazon orders going to include the poster, too? Or maybe only if you order from that link?
Update from Rhino: No, there isn't a poster offer from Amazon. It was a mistake, and they have now removed the "free poster" text from that ad.

Disintegration special on French radio?

"Years Go Bye on APinkDream says that there will indeed be a special Disintegration program on France Inter show by Bernard Lenoir on 2nd or 3rd June."

Update: "The program was supposed to happen Wednesday 2nd. But Hugo Cassevetti (the guest, a well-known music reporter) was on holiday! :) So it will take place next Wednesday, 9th at 22:00."
(Thanks Fabien G)

Update2: Here's what they played - Out of Mind, Pirate Ships, Plainsong (live), Lullaby (live). (Thanks Smif)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disintegration store reports (N.A.)

Disintegration Deluxe 3 CD set officially released in North America today! Be sure to pick up a copy (or 3) this week, and help it debut higher in the charts. Vinyl has been delayed until next week.

Update 3: Bull Moose Music in Portland, ME has it on sale for $22.97. (Thanks Kenna)

Update 2: Barnes & Noble have dropped their price to $17.49. Use coupon code H9M4X4X for an additional 15% off. (Thanks Jason) Note: Looks like it was a one day deal. Back to $24.99 now.

Update: New lowest price on the set: "I got my Newbury Comics newsletter for the week showing new releases, says the 3cd of Disintegration will now be $17.99."(Thanks Lindsey)
Note: Looks like this price is in store only.