Friday, March 30, 2012

Cure for Lollapaloza Chile 2013?

Perry Farrell posted this on Twitter last night, when asked about Robert/The Cure playing Lollapalooza Chicago this year: "No- I am going to call him about coming to Chile rt @nazor2:Perry, any chance we'll see Robert Smith at Lolla this year? I'm crying to know."

That would have to be for 2013, as the 2012 festival is this weekend. Interesting, but obviously not even close to being confirmed. (Thanks Consequence of Sound)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Q's "The Real Best of The Cure"

"In the new issue of Q magazine here in the UK there is a piece entitled 'The Real Best Of' where they pick 10 songs from well known artists to highlight 'your favourite bands real finest achievements' rather than the usual greatest hits selections. Although The Cure don't get a full page article, they do feature in one of the side panels where 10 songs are picked. Title given to the the selection 'It Doesn't Matter If We Die', bit disappointing they misquoted the line to start with! Anyway the songs chosen by Q writer Rob Fitzpatrick are:

1. It's Not You 'Robert Smith's breezy disdain elevates this bedsit-punk ditty to greatness'
2. In Your House 'A brilliant evocation of terror hidden behind a mask of (stoned) calmness'
3. Doubt 'A violent tribute to what Smith would call "the pointlessness of everything"'
4. Cold '"Screaming at the moon" he sings on their most claustrophobic moment'
5. The Exploding Boy 'Smith's self-reverential rattle and thrum hymn to the happiness he felt about his band's new line-up'
6. Sinking 'The spare piano line and oiled-up bassline make this an unusual classic'
7. How Beautiful You Are 'Smith considers that moment where a relationship suddenly changes'
8. Untitled ' This delicate piece considers not only the death of love but all the dreams of change that come with it'
9. A Letter to Elise 'Smith has said this song is simply about resignation, but it's a fantastically intoxicating one all the same'
10. The Only One 'A 49 year old man sings a beautiful song of love and devotion to the partner he's had for 31 years.'

There is more information about the feature here and they will be publishing two best of selections a day as Spotify playlists on their facebook page over the next few weeks." (Thanks Matthew)

Post-Wish Cure Discography Suggestions

Sam at Your Older Brother's Music Blog put together a list of what he feels are the best post-Wish Cure songs. (Thanks Sam)