Saturday, August 1, 2015

'An Evening of Exquisite Tragedy'

99X/10 Records presents an Evening of Exquisite Tragedy. A celebration of 10 years of 99X/10, the World Premiere Roger O'Donnell's Love and Other Tragedies, featuring Francesca Ter-Berg, Jessica Rossa, Miriam Wakeling and Alisa Liubarskaya plus an in depth interview with Roger. Over a 90 minute long programme.

From Roger on Facebook: "Watch the trailer and pre order the PPV event on Vimeo - An Evening of Exquisite Tragedy - Exclusive video of the June 26th Concert at Shoreditch Church. World premiere of Love and Other Tragedies, a 30 minute in depth interview and the 99X/10 Anniversary concert featuring Erin Lang and Hannah Curwood.... "

Update (08/01/15): Roger has posted some free previews on YouTube.

The Cureheads play Counterfest on Sept. 26th

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

40 years of Paléo Festival

Euronews has an article about the 40th anniversary of Paléo Festival, and includes a comment from Robert:

Iconic British rock band The Cure is a Paléo Festival veteran. Lead singer Robert Smith has some fond memories of the early editions: “Paléo was one of those festivals where we suddenly became this band (…) I felt like we were floating when we played those shows, but it was probably the drugs.”