Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Last Weekend on Virgin 17, there were 2 cure mentions in 2 documentaries: The first one was called "The hidden side of the 80's" and had a 10 sec. snippet of Killing an arab live in Paris in 1979. The second one was "the Punk heritage": it showed a short extract of the Other Voices video, and introduced the Cure as part of the post-punk bands that emerged in the late 70's, along with Joy division and Siouxsie and the Banshees."
(Thanks Sylvain)

"I was on Youtube today and I somehow stumbled across this video. It seems to be an awful MTV commercial with someone in a Robert Smith mask." (Thanks Emily)

"Houston Press' Rocks Off blog mentions The Cure's Seventeen Seconds in a list about "Albums that went darker", and a flashback review of Mecha-Streisand." (Thanks Heron)

"On current affairs show Newsnight on the BBC here in the UK tonight there was a piece about Abdelbasset Ali al-Megrahi who was found guilty of the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie. Pictures of the crash site were accompanied by 'A Reflection'. Mighty odd." (Thanks Adam)

Cure photos for sale

"I have a couple of unique Cure items on eBay at the moment, including a photo set from the 1979 Reading Festival (with a 20-year old Robert!) and a photo set from backstage during the Prayer Tour with a fantastic shot of the entire group and their wives/girlfriends at the time." (Thanks Peter)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Cure shirt at Everything English

The Cure are this month's featured artist at Everything English, and they have a new (to me) 4:13 Dream shirt. And if you buy a shirt, be sure to add your free sticker or free badges to your order. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Update: Also available at Interpunk and Corpse Clothing. They also have a white version. (Thanks RyanAlien and Aaron)

New EP from Roger/Charlie Crow

From Roger's website: "Finally after a couple of years in the making I am releasing my Jazz/Electro project Charlie Crow. Its coming out September 1st initially only on iTunes but with a very limited edition CDR which I will burn myself and put together a nice little package. So look out for it....You can read about it and hear some samples here."
If that doesn't work, try listening to the title track on his MySpace. Love the Moog, but with Roger back on the piano, can it be anything less than brilliant? I already love it.

Vote for Simon

NME has another one of their endless Greatest/Best polls up, and this time Simon is up for Greatest Bass Player. Click here to automatically rate him a 10/Genius. If you don't think he rates that, and have something wrong with you : ), go here and rate him whatever you'd like. (Thanks Chris White)

Britt Daniel on Seventeen Seconds

"There was a nice piece on Texas Music Matters yesterday. Britt Daniel of Spoon talks about Seventeen Seconds and how it influenced him. Here's the streaming audio (it's about half way through the show." (Thanks Dana)

Cure covers

"Gaz and Danny from Supergrass as Hot Rats covering The Love Cats at Glastonbury." (Thanks Adam)

"Last night on French/German TV channel Arte, there was a show called "Nighting eighties : the 80's in 15 hits". This is a collection of 80's songs, covered live (and in studio) by a group of artists, including quite-well-known-in-France Albin de la Simone, and even very-famous-in-France Dave. They played Inbetween Days with Krystle Warren on vocals. Other covers include Depeche Mode's People are People. The show will be repeated on August 9 at 1:45 AM on Arte." (Thanks Sylvain)

"The commercial for the new perfume by Cacharel "Scarlett" features a cover of "Close to Me" by Stina Daag."
(Thanks JupiterMain)