Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Cure at Pinkpop 1986

The Cure at Pinkpop Festival 1986. Thanks to Charlie at Impression of Sounds for posting. (Thanks Salvador)


  1. Ya got ta hand it to 'em. At least he wasn't like "sod off, dumbass questions" - he seemed to have fun making up some bullshit story. I wonder why he didn't like the Cult? I came to know the Cult because their CDs were always right before the Cure's when I was flipping through the cases in the record store. I thought they were Heavy Metal for the longest time because Firewoman was in heavy rotation in Headbanger's Ball on MTV.

  2. I will be there after tomorrow, 26 years later...

  3. i absolutely love how RS clowns the reporter. Porl can just barely contain himself!