Saturday, June 21, 2008

Radio City pre-show meet up

Kate, Julian and Chris listening to soundcheck.
(I love this photo!)

"Last night, I got elected to determine a place for a pre RCMH meet up. I told everyone I would post under the comments for the TGIF meet, but if you could post on this, it would help.

Heartland Brewery
1285 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Ave for locals)
One block from RCMH
I’ll be there at 5:30. Hope to see all my new friends for another great meet up!"

(Thanks Michael)


  1. That's where we usually get a drink before a RCMH show anyway. Last nite after we ate at TGIF's and we noticed the crowd around the bar thinned out (it was great to meet y'all and esp Seth, Stacy and the beauteous girls, the Tall guy with the girl from Finland (originally, she's in the pic Craig posted) et al) we went to Stouts and they were having a Curefest there too, the widescreens had the Trilogy vid playing. The weirdest thing, the bartender put tequila in my supposed rum and coke, that tast is still in my mouth, yech! I didnt drink the rest of the night, lol. Anyway will see everyone again tonite-Toni

  2. Thanks, Michael / Beckenbach!

    I am just now waking up - love those Marriott beds. :) We'll see how the day goes.

  3. Oh, and I haven't read all the comments from last night, yet...

    I'll get to that soon!

  4. craig : i send a mail in chainofflowers@compuserve please check

  5. Hey!

    It was good to meet you all as well, toni :)

    I ended up running back to the hotel to get the video camera, so missed Stouts - too bad! I did get almost all of "Underneath the Stars" and will post that when I get back into town.

    We'll see you all tonight at Heartland Brewery!

    -The tall guy and the girl from Finland ;)

  6. single seats appear to have been relased:

    The Cure
    Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
    Sat, Jun 21, 2008 08:00 PM
    Your Ticket(s)
    Price Level 2

  7. hey guys...i have an extra ticket for tonight...5th row. i'll try to be at the brewery at the arranged time.

    no freaks/stalkers please! :)

    just want to make sure a real cure fan will enjoy these seats with me.

    i paid $350 each from stub hub for these seats so we can talk about cost at the brewery i guess. i am pretty open. i dont plan on making back all the money here.

  8. Chris: Sorry about not getting back to you. Having all sorts of problems today. Typical. : (

  9. Hope ya'll fucking have fun. Damn you all. I'll be bathing in tears at home.

  10. I have one ticket for sale for tonight.

    10th row orchestra on porls side.

    asleepfordays AT gmail DOT com

  11. PS, i'm only asking face value for this seat, which is 109 dollars:

    ADULT Tickets
    Total Convenience Charge(s) US $95.00 x 1
    US $11.30 x 1
    Order Processing Charge US $3.15
    TOTAL CHARGES US $109.45

    It's in row LL of orchestra six,
    orchestra 6 starts at row BB, and there is no row II, so row LL is the 10th row.

    I'm leaving in about 2 hours so give me a shout if you want this one.

  12. text me at 281-352-6036 but i will be entering the venue early so i can get settled - if no one gets back to me by 630 or so - i guess i just wasted $350 and someone lost a great seat opportunity. so sad so sad. :(

    orch 3 row EE simons side.

    thanks for getting back to me craig - i know this was short notice.

    cat - i wish holy BALLS that you could have come with me!!!! i will think of you tonight love.

    see you guys at the brewery - ill have the big pink "COF LOVES THE CURE" sign again and roses. :)

  13. u suk, chris. :-D

    j/k have a great fucking time bitch.

  14. LOL - you can see the COF sign in the COF pix. Absofreakinglutely the most hilarious thing ever.

  15. From Chris:
    Soundcheck: The Hanging Garden, Out Of This World, The Holy Hour, Bloodflowers.

    Oh hell yes! : )

  16. i have a chance for a front row ticket? should i take it? any advice? its a reasonable price


    at least chris got to hear those songs LIVE, even if its soundcheck. its still live!

  18. Soundcheck = awesome!! Tonight is gonna be hot!

  19. You guys are in for a treat tonight.

  20. ChristinaP - I'm BobsGirl from BoS. Can you buy me a black tank? I didn't buy anything in Atlanta and now I'm totally regretting it. Please? I'm good for the money and shipping.

    I want your 5th row Simon side ticket but I'm stuck here in CA boiling!

    Have fun tonight!

  21. ChristinaP-- My finger hovered above that very ticket 3 or 4 times, yesterday, but airfare from DFW was over $700, so I just couldn't press "Buy Tickets". If the seat is empty, I will occupy it in spirit. Enjoy, you lucky B!

  22. Hi all. Just dropping by to say hello. Will pop back in closer to show time. :)

  23. I saw Agnes Deyne, the model, it seemed to be her standing up front of stage in the orchestra pit all night. I had tix in the 3rd mess, had binocs from from the back it looked like her. After just reading the last posts for thos great seats, I would have took either of them in a heartbeat. I'm kicking myself , hard. I did get a deal from Macy's the binoculors were 19.99 plus tax, not bad at all. Of course I was so freakin knocked out by Robert climbing the boxed seats (they were curtained off on all levels) he climbed them and swirled in the curtains and was so ON, I will never forget it. I never had tix this sucky for RCMH, so after about 30 years of going to shows I get stuck up top. Still, it was sublime, and yeah I stared at Porl all night and was thinking bad thoughts. It was perfect. The Cure are the greatest band of all time, RS's voice is stronger than ever, beer must be his secret.

  24. I forgot to say I first saw Agnes Deyne hanging in the lobby with a very cute guy, it was later when I think I saw her in the pit. How about that pit anyway? Hardly any of them stood up for a long time, no chairdancing either. They were right down in the middle directly in front and were seemingly base.

  25. The pit was sad.

    I think i was one of only 2 people who stood for the whole show...