Saturday, April 21, 2012

'Entreat Plus' US vinyl release on April 21st

Music Direct, Vintage Vinyl, and Elusive Disc have a new US listing for a 180g 2LP release of 'Entreat Plus' on April 21st, 2012. Also, @recordstoreday confirms the release date but says it's "not a Record Store Day piece". Still nothing on the official site. (Thanks and jimhb)

Update (3-9-12): "Just wanted to let you know that WEA has included the US Entreat 2LP in their Record Store Day 2012 one sheet book pdf. They are taking orders from retail stores now. I attached those two pages from the full pdf book here.

It's listed under "RSD ALL RETAIL RELEASES", as opposed to "RSD EXCLUSIVE RELEASES" or "WEA RSD RELATED VINYL CATALOG". I guess that just means, as you said in your post, that it's not technically a RSD release, but just released at that time?

I think it's funny that they include criticism of the remix in the actual one sheet. ("a sonic makeover that some fans have complained dampens Boris Williams' drumming.")

Also noteworthy to me was the part (on page 2) about a 9-track sampler being available. I'd definitely like to get my hands on one of those!" (Thanks Zack)

Update (3-27-12): Our old friends at Ideal Copy are taking pre-orders, and F.A.B. Distribution has it listed for Canadian retail orders.


  1. it is also listed on

  2. Thanks for the info my friend!

    Entreat (at least the original one) was one of the most powerful live recordings ever. Personally, the mix work on Entreat Plus let me down but I hope there is a new mix work for this vinyl version. If not, I will stick to my CD version.

  3. off topic but whoa did blogger change layout or something?

  4. Apparently so. Or another "fix". Expect everything to break down in a few days. : )

  5. Amazon had that review talking about Boris Williams' drum sound been butchered. That review lasted for a couple of weeks but then it was changed.

    That drum sound change was the most dissapointing thing in Entreat Plus. Most of the fans expected a clear and great mix as in the original but it was a let down.

  6. I wish they would tell us if this is the same colored vinyl as last years release, standard black or something new.

  7. Have to think it's the normal version, as no mention is made of it being the colored version in the WEA sale sheet.

    1. Wish I could figure out if it's going to be North America (or US) only, or available world wide. The colored UK edition wasn't shipped to the US, so you'd think that this one would have the same rule in reverse.

      If it's US only, I'd pick up a couple extras to send to people I know in Europe.

  8. That bit about Boris Williams' drumming, and, actually, those whole two paragraphs, is lifted from here:

  9. Replies
    1. ordered mine via idealcopy. let´s see what happens.

  10. Just got the US vinyl of Entreat. I have to say that I much prefer the mix on the original UK lp to the reissue. As others have pointed out, the drum mix on the reissue is almost criminal. In the original the drums are way up front and in the reissue they are in the back and somewhat muffled. Of course, this is how Robert Smith now prefers the drums to sound.

    As for the vinyl itself... it is a Rhino release (I do not know who mastered it-- it does say soundmasters on one lp (but I think the release campaign was done by them). The pressing is very nice and quiet. I compared the reissue cd to the new lp and the reissue cd is definitely louder and has less low end than the vinyl.

    In comparison to the the original vinyl, the new lp is louder. Also, it does include songs that were not on the original vinyl (but are on the reissue cd from a couple of years ago)

    In sum.. get it if you like the reissue sound and want it to be a bit quieter with a tad bit more low end in the mix.

  11. Elusive disc have just confirm that my Entreat Plus LP is on it's way in the mail. They've also got it instock at the moment.

  12. Just for information, the one hour of bercy 2008 was broadcasted again tonight on terrestrial tv directstar. So nice! : )

  13. I've got my prestine copy in hands!!!
    I confirm it is a black vinyl.