Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Under The Covers - The Cure

"Strangeways continues it’s Under The Covers series with a look a cover versions of classic Cure songs. Our recent New Order and Depeche Mode episodes of Under The Covers have been very well received. But we did get some feedback that the covers were too slow or two different from the original. And to that we respond with…Thank You. The Strangeways DJ’s have a shared opinion that a cover song should take the original in a different direction. No one is interested in an artist trying to copy The Cure. They would just fail as The Cure has one of the most unique sounds of our generation. So with all of that said, we present to you a 45 minute mix featuring very different takes on some of your favorite Cure songs. These covers range from very downtempo, to acoustic, to dance music, to dark wave. We hope you enjoy the variety that we present to you and share our appreciation of other artists tributes to….The Cure" (Thanks @Slicingeyeballs)


  1. I can't get the mix to play. Can anyone tell me if it features my cover of The Walk? It would possibly be listed under the artist name The Violent Sleep, or under James A J Scott. For reference, it sounds like this: http://soundcloud.com/jamesajscott/the-walk

  2. UNFORTANELY the cover don't appears .. I heard it on the web, it's a very nice cover and the band have a wonderful name.