Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cure the icing on Vivid cake

The Sydney Morning Herald has more from Stephen Pavlovic on how the 'Reflections' shows came to be:
"He recalls the conversation: ''Robert said, 'Your email has piqued my interest, Stephen. It's in fact the 30th anniversary of the Faith album and we've always wanted to do a special show to celebrate it and perhaps do it with an orchestra.''' Subsequent emails led to Smith suggesting they also play the album released the year before Faith, 1980's Seventeen Seconds.
''Then he came back a third time and said, 'If we're going to do those two albums, we should really contextualise it and play [1979's] Three Imaginary Boys and do the first trilogy.'''
(Thanks Heron)


  1. I hope Pav doesn't get in trouble with Robert for telling everyone all the details, as fun as it is to have the insider knowledge!!

  2. You don't think it could (be a problem), do you? It is so interesting to read how it happened!

  3. Both of them seem very giddy about this whole project/show. I am sure Robert is just as wrapped up in the excitement! :)

    AS ARE WE!!!! hehehehehe!!!

    OMG 4 more SLEEPS!