Friday, May 29, 2009

Cure live in Glasgow 84 dvd

Update: Looks like the BBC or Universal had them removed.

The history of this show being released is a bit convoluted. It was supposed to come out in 2003 as part of the Rock Masters series, but was blocked by the BBC and/or The Cure. Then it was listed for release almost every year after that, but again, never released. It seems to have come out last year, but I have no idea if it's a legitimate release or a bootleg. Mix Up in Mexico has it. Ideal Copy had a few copies but sold out. You can get on their waiting list, however, and reserve a copy. While you wait, someone has posted it to YouTube. If it's a legit release, it shouldn't be up there, and I wouldn't be linking to it. But until I know for sure, here you go: Shake Dog Shake / Primary / The Walk / The Hanging Garden / One Hundred Years / Give Me It / A Forest / Piggy In The Mirror / Happy The Man / Play For Today / The Caterpillar / 10:15 Saturday Night / Killing An Arab.
(Thanks Mad Bob, Alastair, Pietro, and Heron)


  1. I think this topic has already talked here a while ago.

    I don´t know if it´s official.

    I bought this dvd in the biggest recordstore in Mexico City in January or February.

    Cost $171 Mexican pesos = 15 US Dlls.

    It´s part of some BBC Concerts series.

  2. A friend got this for me as a gift a while back. From what I remember the quality was really good.

  3. i've had this for a while too. and it has the Rock Remasters intro too. some guy is talking in Japanese.

  4. OMG, Robert in a suit...yummmmmmo

  5. I love the guy who comes up on stage and dances during caterpillar. Who the heck are the other people that walk across the stage?

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  7. I remember a company called Hudson Street released 2 videos last year. The Radiohead one was literally a 2nd or worse generation VHS recording from Eastern European TV. Terrible, grainy video with white lines emerging from the top or bottom like the tracking wasn't right.

    The U2 one was pretty good and was taken from German TV in 1983. However, the footage wasn't nearly as well mastered as that same show shown on streaming video legally. So, whoever released it, put out a less remastered version. The chapter breaks were also crappy -- some halfway through songs, others a few seconds in. Overall, okay, though.

    Could be the same thing happening this time with The Cure.

  8. Craig wrote:

    "Lovecat: The specials were as follows.

    Live at the Hollywood Bowl (5/31/08)
    Robert interview
    Robert's Top 30 of the 80s

    And there were also little comments and song intros by Robert, throughout the 4 day weekend."

    Thank you very much for this.
    The "little comments and song intros by Robert throughout the weekend" were the same from Robert's Top 30 of the 80's, right? So generally they are the intros?

    Thanks for clarifying in advance.

  9. Dvd très rare a avoir il est discontinuer ici au canada!!

  10. I had a copy of this too. I bought it in Austin at a big record convention. I made a DVD of it and gave the VHS tape away earlier this year.

  11. .. if your having trouble eric go on ebay uk buy it now fr ten quid theres LOADS available

  12. i have like, a 3rd generation bootleg of this. audio only. was nice to see live!

  13. Lovecat: No, they are completely different. The other intro and comments are about Cure songs.

  14. i would slight this as just being the same mid 80s cure concert that i've seen 800 times everywhere else. except it has 'happy the man' on it. wow.

  15. I downloaded this gig from the net a year ago or so. The crowd is out of control. A whole lot of drunk Scots LOL! The guys running on stage and hugging RS is quite funny.

    Very good show, nice intimate venue. And Porl plays all the keyboard stuff that 'the genius' can't handle ... sorry could not resist taking a shot at ...

  16. those of us that were in vegas would surely have rivaled any other Cure mosh pit had they been able to keep playing up to KIA, Coachella as well.Cool version of Happy the Man.

  17. i bought it a few months ago, it's been out since last year and if i recall we've talked about it here a while ago. it's a good show it also includes three live tracks from 1979.

  18. This is a bootleg release as evident by the VHS tracking lines at the bottom and the WOWOW Japanese network logo in the top right corner of the screen; this network aired the concert in 2003 and it's been circulating through the trading communities ever since.

    A similar incident occurred recently when Nirvana's 1992 Reading Festival concert was slated to be officially released until a bootleg titled "Life Takes No Prisoners" popped up with an inferior transfer on; Geffen has announced the actual concert with the master print would be released sometime soon.

    I doubt we'll ever see an official master of this Cure concert though as it's been years since the original announcement.

  19. Oh hey, I have this thing on DVD too. I bumped into it in some record store a few months ago, and as it was dirt cheap I just picked it up.

    The whole thing just SCREAMS bootleg. From the amateurish cover (Old Bob on the cover of a '84 concert? That's not right) to the VHS quality of the concert itself. It's pretty much what I expected when I bought it, but it's still a cute collectible.

    The only thing really nice about this DVD is that it also contains high quality versions of some other rarities, most notably the early performance of A Forest when it was still called At Night.

  20. psicosis... the youtube tracks are not the same as the dvd tracks though.. there is no WOWOWOW logo on the dvd nor vhs track lines .
    i remember the original that aired on stv years back .. its always been crappy tv quality -its old.
    but anyone thinking of buying the dvd should know it is easily better quality than the current youtube stuff
    not to say that its not a bootleg though maybe .. just pointing out that youtube has had tv footage , prob copied from a home taped vhs for a long long time ,, well before this realease

  21. In the UK at least I'm getting this message: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party."

  22. Hi,

    this bootleg - as dozen of other unofficial DVDs - are available in almost every (internet) stores in France (even the FNAC !)... around 10 Euros each... This is of course taken from the various rebroadcasts of the two TV performances that are included...
    I just can't understand that Amazon Marketplace and the FNAC are still selling it, and that Universal are not doing anything against that... Oh maybe are they trying to stop the internet downloadings instead ? Good luck...

    See You