Monday, February 18, 2013

New Cure fan site in Mexico

The Cure MX

"Over the course of the last three years I've been interviewing musicians of Mexican and Latin American Rock and people who in general had been somehow influenced by The Cure. They had told us their stories on how had they been influenced by the band or how their careers had been involved with The Cure.
The first video We`d like to show is from Daniel Fernandez a Mexican tattoo artist who during the last Cure visit to Mexico got Porl Thompson tattooed in 2007 and the second video from an interview with Alejandro Giacomán, a Mexican musician whom in the eighties was a member of the rock band, ´Bon y Los Enemigos del Silencio´, with whom he recorded three albums. Their song "Posmos" is a tribute to The Cure, included in "El Señor Tapaderrumbes" album from 1995."

Thanks & congratulations, Oscar! Wish you many years of fun & success with it!