Monday, March 2, 2009

All kinds of stuff

Pitchfork picks up Robert's "Free Music" post. (Thanks Gregg)

Who is the saddest Euro-star? (Thanks Kate)

A new UK print ad for 4:13 Dream. (Thanks JC)

The Cure, Tim Burton, and other celebs arrive at the NME Awards. (Thanks Gwyneth)

Robert in The Mighty Boosh film? Maybe. (Thanks Kate)

Torsion covers Torture. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

4:13 Dream reviews from the DU Clarion and Tonight South Africa. (Thanks Kate)

A review of the Just Like Heaven tribute cd. (Thanks Kate)

Cure mention in an article about love. (Thanks Kate)

Perez Hilton is still an asshole. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Craig, *love* your Perez Hilton listing!

  2. "Robert in The Mighty Boosh film?"

    FUCK YES!!!! omgomgomgomgfghsfgshfgshfghs!!!
    I hope Robert considers it!!

    "Perez Hilton is still an asshole."

    What else is new? :/

    Speaking of covers, has anyone heard the cover of Close To Me by WHY?
    I rather fancy it.

  3. Oh! almost forgot, THANKS CRAIG ET AL!

  4. Someone please explain to me what "The Mighty Boosh" is.

  5. Poor reviews, overall.
    Sometimes it makes me wonder if we are listening to the same album at all.
    Plus, all the mistakes, awful, tsk tsk.

    *doesn't bother to pick up his intellectual hat*

  6. Nice ad, though. Basic but to the point.
    If only they printed more than the "only one".

  7. Jeff- I'll need to borrow someone else's apt description: Boosh is like "Monty Python, Pee-Wee's Playhouse and a bag of mushrooms directed by Terry Gilliam" in a nutshell. It's just one of the greatest British comedies ever made. It's going into its 4th season and they've done sold out live shows all over Europe. It's extremely offbeat type humor though. I think only children and loonies can really get into it/appreciate it. You can find it all over the web. Two of my fav eps: Bollo, The Priest and the Beast.

    As for 4:13 reviews, I thought this Pitchfork review was decent.

    While NOT 100% positive, it's reasonably thoughful, fair, and accurate, AND without being snarky, petty, or dickish. Everyone agrees the mixing was poorly done. :/

  8. regarding the reviews section, I love how these reviewers keep referring to Robert Smith's age, as if people that are 50 or approaching their 50's are not allowed to sing about love or being in love , or losing love. Robert Smith may be one of the only honest singers around, not worried about the buck, but the feeling. By the way, the whole Radiohead thing, blown way out of proportion!

  9. It's hilarious watching cheese balls like Perez Hilton who are far worse looking than Robert ever was at their ages criticizing Robert. What a loser.

  10. yeah but you know what groupies Robert DOES need a haircut. There I said it get used to it.
    Plus I know he's a rock star and a party animal and all, as am I, lol, But once you get up to be around this age you need to visit the gym, just to take a hot tub if nothing else, and cut down on the delicious sweetsss

  11. And what was that insane rant about Radiohead that bored everybody? lol

  12. All kinds of stuff was my fav b side off last year's singles..voila!

  13. well i have to agree with perez on this one....even if he is a giant douche.

  14. ya, i agree he needs a haircut. it's not robert smith-y anymore. just kinda hangs and looks silly.

  15. Interesting stuff? Well the reviews are typical, Perez will always be an a-hole (but I agree RS needs a new doo, just don't say it so harshly), cute little article on love and that Torsion video is way old but still cool to see since they are from the Philly Area!

  16. Robert said he is getting a haircut for his birthday, what more do you need. Maybe you guys going to Vegas will see a new and improved (maybe bald) Robert Smith.

  17. I don't think Bob is too old or too fat or his hair is too silly. I just think that anyone who does think those things is an A-grade douche.