Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update: Pearl audio/video

The Pearl show (M4A 456MB) (Thanks Xuan)

Andrew: A Forest
Nando: Deep Green Sea / 100 Years / The Kiss / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Carl: Underneath The Stars / To Wish Impossible Things / Just Like Heaven / Inbetween Days / Push / 100 Years / Disintegration / Happy Birthday / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / The Kiss / At Night / M / A Forest (Intro / Ending)
Andy: Want / Underneath The Stars
Heron: At Night / The Kiss / Perfect Boy / Deep Green Sea / Prayers For Rain & A Strange Day / alt.end / To Wish Impossible Things / Pictures of You / Lullaby / Underneath The Stars / Happy Birthday RS / Birthday talk & If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Yvonne: To Wish Impossible Things / Want / Pictures of You / Push / Birthday talk
Spcherry84: Underneath the Stars / Prayers for Rain / Alt. End / Lovesong / To Wish Impossible Things / The Perfect Boy / Push / Disintegration / M / Play for Today / A Forest
Mickelcure: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Dstarko: Play For Today / A Forest
April: Lullaby
Autfarina23: Intro / Underneath the Stars
SaraB: To Wish Impossible Things / End of the World / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / Shake Dog Shake

13 MP3s ripped from video
A Strange Day (MP3)
(Thanks Mad Bob and


  1. <3 what Robert does during Lullaby... LOL at the screaming girls! The music sounds really good...

    Although, TRSW now beats out Lullaby in the obscene gyrating/gesturing department!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing!

  2. Just for the record, this is a sample of my recording that was posted on about 2 hours after the show. C'mon mad bob, give credit where due, bro!

    Jeff (

  3. To Jeff:

    A friend of mine sent me the mp3 file and never told me where found it.

    I wasn´t aware at all that it was your recording.

    As all of you here, I LOVE THE CURE SO MUCH and i never meant to have issues with anyone else, and of course, I´LL NEVER TAKE CREDIT ON OTHER FAN´S WORK.

    So, i apologize with you.

    Thanks for sharing your recording.

  4. When you see the videos, you could not understand what happend that night at last . All fine.
    Thank you for sharing.IOTICS is awesome

  5. A forest:

  6. since when does Robert just kind of talk through play for today like that? Great sound all around.

    and Bob's looking healthier? The bird's nest just doesn't work now that he's balding tho. time for a new do.

  7. Thanks for the videos guys. MickelCure is a very nice person.

  8. Hi, I am a long time fan of both The Cure and CoF. I recorded some vid. It is located on my youtube page @ Feel free to rip the aud (I have no idea how to do that but I am ok on people creating MP3s). Also, I am trying to create a torrent of the vids if anyone wants them.

    Underneath the Stars

    Prayers for Rain

    Alt. End


    To Wish Impossible Things

    The Perfect Boy




    Play for Today

    A Forest

  9. No prob :) Im still new to this boot legging thing so I have no idea how to rip aud etc but everything I have I do for fellow fans.


  10. This ending of A Forest looks completely normal !!!!

    (Not the first time I see Simon end without the dmdmdmdmdmdmdmdm)

    (And, as we know, there's some teasing going on with DM right now so)

    In the end we even see Robert go to the mic. (then the video stops)
    Maybe he said something
    or the mic was turned off.

    And Simon put down his bass smoothly. Not the first time either A Forest is a closer.

    Looking at the setlist is like opening your present before you've been given it :) :)

    It's weird that Robert said "It's going to be a long show".

  11. That's sweet Evelyn, thank you! <3

  12. Thanks for the video links! I love it all!

  13. here are some of my vids.. ill post more as they upload

    if only tonight we could sleep:

    Shake dog Shake:

  14. the end of the world just uploaded:

  15. to wish impossible things just uploaded!

  16. Thanks for Want Yvonne. That was the best song of the night for me.

  17. Craig: What happened to your Youtube page?

  18. Thanks for the additional videos peeps, they are great!

    And I was wondering what happened too? Suspended? Why?

  19. Hey Craig, could you update my video list for the pearl, the Prayers for Rain video is both Prayers for Rain and A Strange Day.

  20. Hi Craig,
    It wasn't your fault, I had it listed only as Prayers for Rain until I watched it all the way through this afternoon and saw it was both songs. So I just updated the title and then messaged you here to let you know A Strange Day was on there. :D I also have Want and Play For Today and A Forest from the Pearl, but I have to split those into individual songs before I can upload them. Cheers and thanks!

  21. thanks to pearl show, but if not have itunes its impossible to listen m4a

  22. Robert: Not true. I use Winamp and it plays them just fine.

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  24. thanks a lot for the videos.

    did anyone get The Kiss? I wanna see how big was the thing in the end of it.

  25. @Xuan
    WOW MAN! I really love the artwork you put on your live boot, and of course the sound!

    for anyone who hasn't seen the artwork for the bootleg, it is here

  26. I am uploading my videos right now.

    I merged Xuan's recording with my videos, and they sound top notch now.

    UTS -

  27. Really awesome andy! Both sounds and looks good. Looks like we created a new studio company.