Monday, April 20, 2009

What happened at Coachella?

A couple of articles about what happened at the end of the Coachella set: LA Times / The Desert Sun / Spinner / OC Weekly / NME / ExpressionMX
(Thanks Anah, Marcio, Kate, Aaron, Mr. Pink Eyes)


  1. This is a other site (from mexico):

    I'm angry!!

  2. What a perfect reply to all those doubting Thomas'(myself included).

    Grinding Halt - not for THE CURE!

    What I'd have gien to be part of that!

  3. Check out pics of the Cure's Coachella set on Metromix!

    Cure at Coachella

  4. If I were in the crowd, I would be livid. A rare chance to hear more rarities was cut short by those Coachella bastards. The Cure is the most generous band I know and fans were really denied.

  5. The Cure really, really need to to some residency shows in NY, or LA where they play a few of the classic albums in their entirety. I think Robert would have played all night long had they let him. I would like to see them play these albums over a few nights:

    17 secs

    Hell it's the 30th anniversary of 3im, I hope Robert graces us with some more shows this year.

    And where the hell is the 'dark' album? Was Robert BS'ing us on that one or is it coming?


  7. It was just does stink that they were cut short but I am very very please with what we got!

  8. That´s why I love the Cure so much ... . Great !

  9. Gah, I just read Spin's 'review'. Jackasses are complaining because they played "too long", "guitar jams" and not the "50 other Cure songs they would have liked to hear".

    WTF Spin, you are vile. Go back to L.A. listening to your stupid pop bullshit and leave the real music to those of us with brains, hearts, and sensible taste.

  10. I was there, despite getting pulled off stage, this was one of the best Cure shows i have ever seen. I have seen alot of shows.

  11. it is April 21st in London already. 3 min past. Happy 50th birthday Robert and thank you for the wonderful weekend you have given us with both of these shows. You rocked out so much at Coachella and I was so happy to be there!

  12. NME says "The band kicked off their headlining slot on the main stage with several songs from their most recent album '4:13 Dream'."

    Hmmm, the webcast & fan reports must have missed that. I'd hardly call it "several songs" from 4:13 Dream. What did they play? About 3 or 4 of them? :P

  13. Quote from the LA Times:

    "As for why the Cure was stopped and McCartney wasn't, that probably has something to do with the fact that Robert Smith wasn't in the Beatles"

    GRRRRRR!! :)

  14. Totally agree, Anah. So many music reviewers are lazy idiots who haven't even bothered listening to Cure ALBUMS and then have the arrogance to review the band as if they knew their entire catalogue.

    Lovecats and Let's Go to Bed suck! I'd rather hear any dirge than those dull songs.

  15. OMG! What an amazing show.
    This is the first chance I have had to write. 1400 miles on my car and I saw two of the most amazing shows ever! Thank you so much, Robert, Simon, Porl and Jason!! Thank you!
    I have seen The Forest ended a couple of times differently. Does anyone else remember the shows were Wayne Hussey from Mission UK came out and played the end? So I wasn't too taken aback. They never disappoint and will always be my favourite band! Thank you again!

  16. Wow, way to go Muldfeld! you're famous now ;)

    So Few things that piss me off.
    #1 Paul McCartney wasn't shut off and he went over 54 minutes,
    #2 The Killers went over 30 minutes and they didn't have the plug pulled
    #3 "As for why the Cure was stopped and McCartney wasn't, that probably has something to do with the fact that Robert Smith wasn't in the Beatles."

    What the?
    Apparently, blowing past curfew is a coachella tradition but the Cure were the only ones that ever had the plug pulled. Are they trying to set an example and if so why the Cure? Was it just because it was the last performer of the weekend?
    They're lucky a riot didn't start or something.

  17. Sorry I got off topic with my last entry. I was so excited reading this all I just wrote. So sorry for not keeping this on topic!

  18. I was able to get a setlist from Coachella. It did have faith on it...

  19. dun dun dunnnn ahhhh!
    wow if they just kept playing they would have gotten to it then!!

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  21. Well it was shitty that the plug was pulled before Faith got played! Coachella people just suck! They didn't do that to PM or The Killers but The Cure it's typical!

    The Cure always some how get shafted by the music establishment! And it sucks for the fans too but still it's great to see the show was good despite this shameless act.