Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo updates

Heron adds some new ink.
Chris & Sara with Simon, and Sara with Simon.
Some new shots from Vegas, and some ink from Julia and Justin.


  1. Great work on both arms! :D I LOVE seeing Cure tattoos! I think I heard of someone in Vegas who got a Robert signature and a Porl drawing and got them inked, but I can't remember who it was. Hopefully they read CoF and will post theirs too.

    Craig, I got new ink too - I was in the chair at 4:13 on 4/13, I'll send you mine soon.

  2. I remember that guy at the hard rock! he was pretty cool! LOVED his tats!

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  4. These photos are great from Vegas and I love the tats esp Justin's. His ink has to be one of my favorite pictures of Robert!

    And really, I should get one but I just know I couldn't take the pain even if I was half drunk. I hate needles! Love to see your new one rev.

  5. Hey gang,

    Finally got around to uploading my Vegas videos. Just wanted to share with you guys. Check 'em out.

  6. OMG Carl you got Simon tossing his bass! Woo!

  7. Ha! I finally saw the bass toss. That's what I get for never taking my eyes off of Robert the whole time. I always miss everything else.

  8. "I was in the chair at 4:13 on 4/13" - Now that's DEDICATION and DEVOTION!! Great interview on Belgi Radio, Rev. You should be appointed official spokesperson for Curefans worldwide.

  9. You're new tat looks great rev! How great was that with the date & time! Got to love it!

  10. wow. great stuff!

    Rev, on your (right arm?) is that supposed to be like, an eye in the middle of the heart? I ask because I had a dream once where I saw an image that looked *just* like that with the exact same colors and everything, except the heart was split in half and I believe tears were falling from the eye...

  11. Helsabot,

    That's the image from the cover of the "Friday I'm In Love" single.

    Interesting that you had a dream about it!

  12. Aaah, right! I don't remember ever seeing that before... so that's where it's from... cool.

    There were no obvious references to The Cure in that dream, but it left such an impression on me that I wrote down what I could remember.

    In the last part of the dream, these were the words (and puncuation!) I'd written on the 'half-heart, crying eye' drawing:
    "For as far back as I can remember, these words were always in my mind... 'old, soul, crying, in pain.'

    Me and my meaningless nonsense dreams...

    Thanks Rev. <3