Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Troubadour show on MySpace

Update: Read the press release here.

Robert is giving all of us a present on his birthday! The "12:13 Dream" album premiere! (Thanks AndytheCurefan)


  1. about 10 min ago, The Cure were last logged into MySpace on March 3rd, 2009. Now it states April 21st, 2009. They're putting it up!

  2. Yep. They are doing it now. Thanks for giving US a birthday present, Robert. : )

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  4. Brian aka crowbi_wan better check they're not using his FLACs.

  5. Going up one by one. POY and Lullaby are up.

  6. woohoo!!!! Love it!!!!

    Even though we have all probably downloaded versions of these, it is nice to have clean versions.

  7. Whee! Happy International Robert Day everyone! :^D

  8. yay!!! thanks robert!!!! you rock!!

  9. lol its like a concert... they are adding new songs as we speak teehee

  10. this is exciting - i love it when these things happen while i am awake

  11. funny how we found out about this around the same hour of day that we found out about the actual show.

  12. cool, i am downloading and they are uploading. i have the original files!!!

  13. hmm...I understand the liability of posting the files here. But anyone who knows me, knows who they can get them from.


  14. the quality at which they are uploading them is 320kb/s mp3. Sounds good.

  15. it's not the full show, i mean, all the songs might be there, but so far I haven't heard Robert speak at all really. It just faded into "The Perfect Boy"

  16. I wasn't planning to anyway, but don't toss out your live bootleg that crowbi_wan taped, i think i prefer it to this soundboard mix.

  17. what a beautiful day!!!! i´m so happy... happy birthday Robert and thank you so much for everything!!!

  18. maybe this was just a way to outdo Depeche Mode...

  19. Hi
    What do you mean with Album Premiere ???? :) :)

    How do we download these songs from MySpace (is it possible ??)

    Thanks Robert !!!!

  20. Yeah this DM album is a gift for Robert's 50th anniversary !!

    (and last time they already dedicated the artwork to him)

    That's Love !!

  21. please tell me the link to this show!!

    thank you!!

  22. Great version of THE HUNGRY GHOST
    Thanks !!!!

  23. @Maniken PYS,

    album premiere since they are letting us listen to the Troubadour show on their MySpace player.

    and it IS possible to download the songs, takes some effort though. I have all the ones they uploaded so far, but for some reason they stopped on "Primary", 13 songs shy of the complete show. and they no longer are "online now".

  24. @lovecat44,

    it is on their MySpace music player.

  25. Lovecat44: Just click 12:13 Dream on the front page.

  26. Done, thanks!

    Brilliant show!!

    Now I'll be tryin to download this

  27. @Craig,

    you reckon they stopped uploading because I blabbed that I was downloading it already?

    :[ i hope not.

  28. Andy, how are you.. (Wrong Number ROCKS!!!!), how are you downloading the songs?
    Using default Myspace tools?

    Do I need to log in to download?

  29. @Andy : solved :) :)

    I don't really get the title
    A live album coming out ?? :) :)

  30. and i'm at work and can't do this for now....vvv frustrating!!!

  31. @lovecat44,

    no, you cannot download it. infact, i am pretty sure I am doing it in an illegal manner. the quality is good though and I am getting the actual files they are uploading.

    the track names were


    and so on for each track.

  32. @Maniken PYS,

    it is called "12:13 Dream" because of the MySpace Secret Show poster that was created for the concert.

    picture herein the light bulb it says "12:13 Dream".

    I doubt this will be released officially and seems to only be a MySpace Exclusive.

  33. This is truly wonderful !!
    (This will be first boot in a long time)
    I love soundboard mixes !!

    (Indeed, the player is standard quality and there is also high quality)

    50 is quite a number is it
    CURE FOREVER :) :)

  34. Could be. I think all downloading talk should stop until we know what they are doing with this. Wait and see what they say when they update the official site. Maybe they are putting this out on cd or as a digital download.

  35. I would love it if they released it as an official cd!

    i really wish they had filmed it too because it was such an awesome show.

  36. I'm listening to "Sleep When I'm Dead" now, they've got 5 songs left until I have to repeat the whole thing again. Please upload the last 13.

  37. too bad they cut out Robert's commentaries. I thought it was fun how he said "it was a lot easier when none of you heard them" or something after The Reasons Why.

  38. yes andy he said it's difficult so remember words when being drunk and that he's singing the words in his head, but they don't want to come out of his mouth

  39. It would be lovely if they relesed this as a regular live cd.
    Wrong Number is spectacular indeed

  40. I'd clean forget -

    thanks to Cure for putting up these great recordings!

  41. Sweeeet!

    ... what's not sweet is that all the images on the Myspace profile are hosted on my server -- I'm afraid to see how my bandwidth will fare after today. Oh my. :D

  42. Hi

    Cure's myspace is hosted on your server?

    or what is?


  43. Wow this is like so damn cool! Thank you to Robert for putting this up & Thank you to The Cure for this performance! And Thank You to Craig for always getting this info up on the COF!

    I'm listening to it right now! It Sounds Great! What a perfect B-day present from Robert! Happy Birthday!!! I needed a pick me up like this. My Grandmom passed away over the weekend so listing to The Cure is helping me at this time of sorrow. Thanks Again for everything!

  44. Yes... all the images are. ;)

    Just to be clear, I have no association with the band outside helping with their Myspace page and I didn't post the recordings of this show, so I don't have them. I'm only responsible for the graphics :)

  45. And it would be real cool if this was released as a live CD. I sure hope they do, and the dark album and the remastered CD's we keep hearing about. We all need some new Cure stuff!

  46. "don't toss out your live bootleg that crowbi_wan taped, i think i prefer it to this soundboard mix."

    Thanks, Andy! : )

    btw everyone, I did tape the show in Vegas and am working on balancing and equalizing my recording. Quality is pretty nice. I did have to move around a lot due to the constant chatter of people there NOT to see a Cure show, so there is a little fluctuation. : / Anyway...I hope to have it available by tomorrow evening.

  47. yeah this is great and all but I think a lot of people will first look at the post and go wow Robert actualy kept his word and released the 4:13 companion - and is this free music :) I love Robert as much as everyone else but really admit it you get tired of the bullshit too

  48. yaaaay!! this was nice to wake up to :)

    sorry to hear about that brian, its too bad non fans have to take up space at the show, and be distracting.

  49. Such a generous thing to do for us RS, Thank You: <3

  50. Keeping it real G.
    I'm with you 110% on that.

  51. Thank you Cure, you are the best. This is what i'm talking about when i say bands need to not be so full of themselves and give something back to the fans. The Cure are like no other. What a unique gift (maybe other bands should take this to heart).

    yee ha

  52. ***
    I was at the Troubadour a few weeks ago on April 10, 2009 - and there is a HUGE new CURE frame hanging on the wall in the front bar aread The poster from the LA show there and a few great photos! :) It looks awesome. :)

  53. can't wait to get home from working and listen! Thank you sooooo much Cure!!!!

  54. The sound is really Excellent :) :)

    This is really like a new album coming out



  55. THIS SOOO ROCKS!!! thank you RObert!


    Andy - can I has? ;)

  56. @KelBel,

    of course you can.

    I have up to Close to Me, track 26. They still are missing about 7 songs.

  57. @Andy
    Yeah it's weird, 26
    But the other songs are there on streaming
    (You think it's a question of time??)

  58. @Maniken PYS,

    i hope so because I do want the rest, and yes, I see that the whole show is up streaming. I just can't access those files yet. I will try again later.

  59. Kitty - Sorry about your Grandmom. Hope the Cure are still helping!

    AndyTCF - can you divulge how you are able to download it? I know, I know - after all the nonsense about free music - but we WOULD buy it IF it was released AND STILL WILL!! I don't get enough time at home with my laptop to just sit and listen over the net. If I had it on my ipod however...

    RS did promise a "companion for 413 and he did not disappoint us!

    Thanks to the Cure for posting and



  60. Mind, this is a live album

    The "companion piece" is something else !! :) :)
    Hope we hear about that soon

    Though I must admit, a dark album could be more suitable for a release near the last day of summer

  61. "Robert but not THE Robert said...

    Kitty - Sorry about your Grandmom. Hope the Cure are still helping!"

    Thank you Robert but not the Robert. Yes listening to this show is helping me cope with the loss. I just wish it could cure all of the nonsense that is going on with her funeral. It's a long story but you know how it goes with family, they never agree on anything even when planning a funeral! Thanks again!

  62. @Robert but not THE Robert,

    Rather not say, but if you did want the files as soon as I got them all I would gladly share with anyone who emails me. Email is in my blogger profile.

  63. Sorry to hear you are having hassles Kitty. Hope you get it all sorted and the funeral allows you all to move on.

    Andy - I will mail you.

    Up to Wrong Number and watching the football - its a sensory overload!

  64. Happy Birthday Robert!
    (in case you ever read this! :) )

    Happy Birthday The Cure!

    And thank YOU for that great present!

    I hope it is legally released as a cd or at least official download soon!
    (I hate bootlegs!)

    Why did you cut off all the comments between the songs (it makes it more 'studio' than 'live')?

    and thank you Craig for COF!

    my kind thoughts to you cure_kitty.

  65. I have e-mailed those who have asked for the files. I am still missing the last 7 tracks, but it looks as though they uploaded JSET and Grinding Halt as one, and 10:15 and Killing an Arab as a whole track.

  66. Does anyone know how long it will be available on the my space ?
    Great concert and a very special birthday present for us. Thanx, Robert


  68. for anyone who wants to see the archived MySpace Secret Show page for The Cure, go here:

    and I think it's worth mentioning that on the current up-to-date MySpace Secret Show page at http://www.myspace.com/secretshows it mentions a "Download" option. Not sure if it's for the current band or maybe past bands also.

  69. Cure Kitty-
    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother... I adore my Grandma, she's 85 now; I can't IMAGINE her not being here... but there's nothing like some Curey lovin's to brighten up your day a little, right?

    Crowbi-wan- thanks for taping the Vegas show. Can't wait to hear it!

    And Thank You Cure/Robert! 8-*

  70. Thanks for the kind words Helsabot, Robert but not the Robert & Fabien G.

    Yes Helsa, I miss my Grandmom very much. She was a funny lady & enjoyed life. I was looking through my pictures last night trying to get some ready for a collage we are doing for the funeral and I can't believe she is gone. She always had fun at my house over the holidays, BBQ's and parties. If she was younger, I bet she would be a Cure Fan, she had that kind of spirit in her.

  71. :(

    She lives on through the joy you experience in your life...

    *hugs CK*