Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robert in Vegas after Coachella

Amanda with Robert at The Palms Hotel on April 20th.
Hope you feel better soon, RS!

"Yes, they went back to Vegas and they were tired; They were all here, except Porl, I didn't see him around. We told Robert that we came from Paris to see them and that we couldn't go to Coachella but we were at the Pearl and he said that he was OK and he remembered us (wasn't our 1st time in the 1st row though). He was in a great mood, smiled a lot but seemed really tired after these 2 shows (which is completely understandable). We wished him a happy b-day, and we were really lucky to meet him cause we planned to go to the Grand Canyon that day (and we finally went but only the next day). Meeting them is always a great experience, but I think we'll never forget that day particularly."
More photos: Amanda with Simon, David with Robert.
(Thanks Amanda)


  1. Wow, great catching, Amanda & David were very lucky.

    Ouch !!, what is that "thing that is wrapping RS hand/arm ? Is a kind of splint ?

    No matter the pain, Robert looks relaxed and having good time there.

    I hope he´s better now, and very sorry for knowing that he celebrated his b-day in such uncomfortable conditions.

    Speaking of which, i wonder where or how RS did celebrate his day.

    Flying back home, Las Vegas, at the hospital ????

    Get recover soon, Robert.


  2. he's looking really good!

    i hate changing the strings on my guitar because inevitably i end up breaking one and it hurts like a mofo.

  3. We are so lucky that he did Coachella. Hope he's on a much-deserved holiday with a beer in the other hand.

  4. get well soon bobby! hey i remember seeing those two in vegas... i think they were from france! cool! i hope rs went to the dr, im sure he did though

  5. Yes, Amanda & David are from France.

  6. Wow, I see the splint and hospital ID bracelet / wristband. Ouch!

    It was good to meet Amanda and David in Vegas, too!

  7. OMG! Poor Robert to get an injury like that for his 50th. I wonder if he went to the ER in CA or Vegas. Note his hospital wrist band. :) I hope it's not too serious and he's back to playing guitar soon.

  8. So cool to meet Robert!

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  10. Yay for Amanda and David getting to catch up with RSX, again.


  11. Robert's cool !!

    Hey, so maybe they had a fight with the crew
    cause someone said the crewmembers were rough after the show

    Which would explain Simon saying F and lubricating the air around during the show

    So maybe Robert punched somebody
    (cause there was no cut
    but swelling) !!!!
    I don't think it happened by playing

    Rockers !!!!

  12. Poor Robert! :( I hope his hand / wrist get better, I can't believe he did Coachella if it was that bad!

  13. this post confirms it, Chain of Flowers is a Cure stalking website.

  14. says the person who chased Simon's car after the Shrine show...

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  16. Amanda, thanks for sharing the pictures and your story.

  17. Oh it makes me sad to see Robert's hand all doctored up. Hope he's not in too much pain. My poor baby...

    At least we're friendly stalkers, not mad ones!

  18. Yo...

    Sorry for any controversy I may have caused on the "simon debate".......Just wanted to give my two cents...and I respect everybody's opinion...Great vegas pic...very to all cof fans... -mark :)

  19. Ironic isn't it that RS celebrated his 21st birthday with a smashed thumb and now here's another hand injury for 50. Hey Craig! I just wanted to let you know I made a day trip to NOLA Friday and the city seems to be really back again to its old self. But WTF man! Katrina tours? NOLA will make a buck off tourists any way they can. :P I love that city though. I hope I see the Cure again there.

  20. Robert looks 10 years younger easy. Maybe those fatty breakfasts are a thing of the past. Where's the Disintegration Remaster? Christmas? Anyone have a clue?

  21. Wow, Robert definitely looks really good... despite the wrapped hand and hospital bracelet! Geeze, man!

    I'm very jealous that you got to run into them. Good for you!

    I wonder if the band got a discount at the Palms or something. Because, if I was Robert Smith and it was my birthday, I'd probably go somewhere else. Not to say that the Palms isn't awesome, but there are some super cool hotels on the strip.

  22. Ghanisbuli, I agree on ALL counts.

    Robert looks FAB!

    I'm very envious of Amanda and David

    Vegas isn't Vegas unless you stay on the Strip. Bellagio is my fave hotel - I'm surprised Mr Smith & co didn't stay there after the Coachella.

  23. What does Robert hold in this picture?

    Is it a cushion, or what?

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  25. Oh, this is this picture:

    just please join the address bits & paste it into the browser.

    what is this cushion-like thing he's

  26. I thought it might be an ice-pack.

  27. A fracture would probably be preferable. They heal much faster and usually hurt less as well. Doubt it's that. Would look to be ligamental damage. We can only hope it totally heals up. He's plenty smart to let it heal up without trying to use it too much. What's amazing is how upbeat he was even with his arm all splinted and being so freshly out of the hospital that he's still got his ID band on!

  28. Very cool for Amanda & David to catch up with Robert & Simon back in Vegas! Thanks for sharing!

    And Robert looks quite good despite the hurt hand & he played Coachella with it being that messed up too. What other music star would do that? They get one sniffle or a small cut its like let's stop the tour!

    Oh I do feel bad for him. It does looks painful but he looks like he is dealing with it quite well. I'm glad to see he got it all wrapped up and went to the hospital too. I hope he is feeling better & resting up at home! Get well soon Robert!!!

  29. Mmmm...Simon lubricating the air. I did enjoy those moments of the show. ;)

  30. I love the Bellagio! I was thinking that that's where he should stay, too. For some reason, I think he would like the garden.

  31. @love-the-cure
    Hmmmm, I bet you did :)

    So no one in for the Fight theory ??
    Robert looks so male, like he just had a Bull fight
    You know it's Cosmical Bull time now right ?? Robert's balls are so loaded with passion and white magma that they're on the verge of a cataclysmic explosion now !!
    "Nitro-Robert" is what Mary's calling him in these times. She barely dares to ride the Raw Bert.

    My birthday's coming soon by the way ;)

  32. Not an ice pack. I asked Lori that very question, and she said no, just something he was carrying, and used it to cover has hand for the photo.

  33. Silly peeps! That was the present Robert bought for me!
    It was a beautiful black Snuggie with a picture of Elvis on it. He's so thoughtful, he knows I always get cold on the plane. :)

  34. No, indeed it's not an ice pack
    I think he hides a gun!!

  35. LOL Maniken - it does look like he is hiding a gun - perhaps the pillow is to muffle the sound. ;)

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    please paste this link into your browser.

    what will appear, it's coachella '09 webcast

    thanks to andrea for the information

  38. A minor update, remember the talk about me saying I couldn't download the 12:13 Dream after "Close To Me". Well guess who figured it out?!

    Me, that's right.

    I have the entire show now!

  39. ANDY YOU ROCK! Can you share with little o'l me?

  40. Hi Andy, (I got the whole show but)
    Did you use a stream recorder too
    or did you really manage to get the 5 remaining original files ??

    PS: I guess if Robert got his hair wet and took off his Tshirt
    during concerts too like DM singer
    I guess we too would have our singles on the radio and new videos!!
    We should ask him with a petition!!

  41. Thanks Andy !!!! Great News

    I tried again and figured out.
    Those last 5 ones need some tinkering.

    Happy Time :) THANKS ROBERT !!!!

  42. @andythecurefan...thanks alot for the email mate, cheers, JC

  43. This thought is just because I have a lot of time on my hands, but maybe Robert had to go to the hospital in LV cause he hurt himself there.

    Maybe the Palms paid his medical bill cause he probably tripped on his way backstage on all of those landing...stairs...landing...stairs mazes in the dark!

  44. Mock Goth Girl - you have made my day! That is friggin' hilarious.

    BTW, I have sent an email off to The Pearl in relation to their security processes (or lack thereof). No surprise that I haven't heard back from them yet ;)

  45. Jeff said...
    "Would look to be ligamental damage."


    Ligaments are a *bitch* to heal. I know because my brother tore a ligament in his ankle once... we can only hope that Robert, with his super mutant healing abilities, will heal well, and that his SUPER GODLIKE GUITAR HAND will be alright, if not BETTER than before.

    Maniken... thanks for putting those images in my head. real great. thanks a bunch... geez, talk about Cosmic Bull. Although, that would be funny if he actually punched someone...
    probably a hooker he was keeping backstage, you know, for 'relief'.
    But I must say, he is looking mighty, um, 'virile', isn't he...?
    .. <_< .... >_> .....

  46. Elise: Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I meant to do that too but I forgot. I think I will go do it now.

    I just loved when one of the security guys yelled "stop running, you guys are acting like a bunch of 12 year olds!"

    That truly was the most disasterous setup I've ever been to in my life!